Promoted: New Pizza Spinning Show Throughout February

Crazy Pizza is a pizza concept by the same people behind Cipriani and Billionaire. They opened in Shuwaikh last year and are known for their delicious thin crust pizzas and pizza-spinning chefs.

To celebrate Kuwait National Day, Crazy Pizza have a brand new show running this month alongside their usual pizza-spinning performances. The show is exclusive only to the Kuwait branch and is going to be performed everyday for lunch and dinner throughout the month of February.

If you’re looking for a good pizza and entertainment like nothing else in Kuwait to go along with it, head over to to reserve or call them on 99423011. They’re open daily from 1PM to 11PM. @crazypizza.kuwait

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doesn’t look too strict … no shorts, track suits (who wears those nowadays), flip flops, and activewear (darn the luck)

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