The Worst Thing About the Apple Watch Ultra

Back in October Xcite gave me an Apple Watch Ultra to review which I did, and it was a positive review. But, since I got the watch, I haven’t removed it and as someone who loves mechanical watches and vintage Casios, that’s a problem.

The fact I’m now wearing an Apple Watch full-time and no longer putting on different watches depending on my mood or outfit is frustrating. I had the fancy SVN event a couple of weeks ago which I’d usually put on one of my nice watches, but I ended up keeping the Ultra on. When I travel, I usually like wearing my vintage 1978 Casio World Time but instead I wore my Apple Watch to Istanbul last week. It’s not just me, I have friends who are way more into watches than I am who also haven’t worn any other watch since getting the Ultra.

I think the biggest feature about Apple Watches that has me hooked is the ability to change watch faces automatically depending on various variables I’ve set up. Not sure if you’re aware of this but using the Apple Shortcuts App, you can set up automated tasks that can change the watch face based on conditions. So for example, my main watch face has my next event of the day as the main complication, but if I don’t have any more reminders for the day, that prime real estate is being wasted. So I set up an automated shortcut that checks to see if I have any events and if not, it will swap my watch face to a different one. At night before I sleep I have it automatically change my watch face into one with various sleep-related shortcuts like my Pillow app, alarm, moon phases etc, and remove stressful information like the news or the performance of my stocks. Then once I do fall asleep I have my watch face automatically change again to one with just the digital clock in x-large and in red to make it super easy to read the time if I wake up in the middle of the night.

How can any of my other watches compete with that? They can’t, so that’s why my advice is, if you’re into watches, do yourself a favor and don’t get an Apple Watch.

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No, your other watches can’t compare with “that”, and “that” is something far from what a watch is. A watch is a fashionable accessory to tell time.. And it became more with time until it became something else entirely: a smart watch. A smart watch is basically a little phone on your wrist. We’re not supposed comparing old fashioned watches to smart watches anymore, that is unfair the way I see it and the reason behind your frustration I believe.
Its like comparing older phones to smart phones, which isn’t a real comparison anymore because older phones now have their uses now and even philosophies (i.e. digital minimalism) and I see old fashioned watches taking this path as well.

The ONLY reason that has kept me away (happily, if I may add) from Apple Watch is my love for mechanical / old-school / analogue time pieces. Also, why lose your individuality for the sake of over complicating a simple task as time-telling? We already have enough distractions and technology baked into smartphones (a necessary evil, if I may add). So I don’t need a device doing 90% of the same things for my wrist too!

Actually, I had the same issue as all my watches are hardly used since I got my Apple watch.
Now after the arrival of APPLE PAY and its convince I doubt I can stop wearing the Apple Watch.

I will give them 3 years then I will make my decition for the whole thing. I feel next year Apple will invent a glasses same as the one that Google did a prototype couple years ago were basicly humans would be able to replace the use of mobile itself. This is the first time since the invention of smart phone that I see people are finally able to stop using there mobile because the watch would do almost everything for them in case if they forgot their smart phone at home. If you think I may took it too far with this analysis watch this video and you will get my point.

But still the price Apple asked for is just rediculous and I’m sure Samsung and FitBit will respond soon to the ultra specialy after Google taking over FitBit now. It’s a good start from Apple but for sure it won’t be easy for them in the next 3 years unless again the we would see finally that glasses either from Apple or Google.

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