How to Get Tickets to Winter Wonderland

As you probably know, tickets to Winter Wonderland are completely sold out till March which is when the park will close. But, there is a way to still get tickets.

Winter Wonderland have a lot of different events that taking place inside the park. For example, right now there are three upcoming events, there is a music show on December 22nd and two entertainment shows, one on the 23rd and the second on the 24th. Purchasing tickets to those shows grants you access to the park. The ticket prices vary, the entertainment show costs 5KD (similar to the Winter Wonderland entry ticket cost) but the music show starts at KD20.

To get access to the park you just need to purchase a ticket to a show when they announce them. Currently, the 5KD tickets to the entertainment show are sold out but tickets to the music show are still available. If you want to visit Winter Wonderland, just keep an eye out for their show announcements. @winterland_kw

10 replies on “How to Get Tickets to Winter Wonderland”

Not worth it
Was disappointed with the whole “experience”

Overpriced OLD games which have visible wear and tear

Should just place a high ticket entrance and have the games for free

Food options were seriously lacking

Also parking was a chore and when taking valet it took forever to get the car back despite an army of valet parking attendants available

I don’t have any reason to hate it for being too successful. my point is who can plan 3 months ahead just to visit a small theme park? this clearly shows how much Kuwait lacks leisure activities for people

oh boy… one most annoying thing that i see is… their website needs to be fixed because when ever i try to book a ticket it always say sold out or the the booking is full in a unusual way… not to mention even january its sold out? what the hell?

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