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#$%& THIS!

Urgh I hate it when software keeps crashing on me! I swear I get more crashes on my Mac then I ever got on any Windows machine. I hate like 4 crashes now in 10 minutes!

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If nothing crashed then there would be no reason to scream at computers. If we didnt scream at computers then there wouldnt be any computer jokes. If there werent any computer jokes then the people who are supposed to write them wouldnt have jobs. If they didnt have jobs they would contribute to unemployment. If unemployment increases then consumer purchasing power decreases and business earnings drop. If business earnings drop they lay off more people… if more people are layed off then purchasing power decreases further and life becomes rather glum…

you see how important crashing is?

I never thought i’d see this day 🙂
Thank you Mark for your comment. “The OS never crashes but the software does”.
Reminds me of Windows and how much injustice it has to live with.

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