Top 15 Mac Apps

Post by Mark

OK since Nibaq did his I figured I should also do mine. This is a list of my favorite and most used Mac Apps:

1) Firefox: I used to be a big fan of Camino until I started using the extensions in Firefox and since then I haven’t turned back. No other browser on the Mac gives me this much flexibility and upgrade-ablity like Firefox.

2) Butler: Used to be Quicksilver until a few days ago when Nibaq told me about Butler. Butler works like Quicksilver except its about twice as fast.

3) Xbench: Takes a benchmark of my Macs speed and then uploads it online. Been using it for a few years and I keep track on how fast or slow my Mac has become over time.

4) JBidWatcher: This free software has helped me win a lot of bids on eBay.

5) Zippist: Free and simple. Drag a file to the app and it Zips it.

6) Stuffit Deluxe: Probably the most used software on my Mac right after Firefox.

7) TextEdit: Loved NotePad on Windows, Love TextEdit on the Mac.

8) RadioLover: Don’t usually pay for software but paid for this. Its like Tivo for internet radio streams. Even goes as far separating each song the station plays as a separate MP3 file with full ID3 tags.

9) Data Rescue: Saved my ass twice so far. This software helps me recover deleted files.

10) SharePoints: Allows me to share my folders on the Mac with PCs on the network.

11) JunkMatcher: Best junk mail filter out there.

12) Serial Box: Ummm.. for research purposes…

13) Tomato Torrent: Stopped going to the movies because of this.

14) Extensis Suitcase: With all these fonts I have there is no better font manager available.

15) Acquisition: Finally, this is the only P2P software I use. I actually wanted to buy this but they only take paypal. Its that good.

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  1. nibaq says:

    Need to try Butler again, I didn’t see a big change from QS, just add some more menu bar items.

  2. vanou says:

    You should try Acqlite instead of Acquisition, same thing, no nags, no need to pay.

  3. nibaq says:

    Tried butler, it is good on launching and such, but QS just gives more options when you pick a file.

  4. Mark says:

    cool, I use butler because its faster and more efficient.

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