Unofficial iPhone 13 Prices in Kuwait

As of this post there is no official launch date for the new iPhone 13 in Kuwait nor are there official prices. But, the Anker dealer Astore published their list of prices which should give us a rough idea of what the local prices will be like:

iPhone 13
128GB – 290.900 KD
256GB – 326.900 KD
512GB – 399.900 KD

iPhone 13 Pro
128GB – 360.900 KD
256GB – 397.900 KD
512GB – 470.900 KD
1TB – 544.900 KD

iPhone 13 Pro Max
128GB – 404.900 KD
256GB – 439.900 KD
512GB – 512.900 KD
1TB – 584.900 KD

iPhone 13 Mini
128GB – 256.900 KD
256GB – 292.900 KD
512GB – 365.900 KD

I skipped out on the iPhone 12 last year so going to be getting the 13 Pro in Sierra Blue this year. Not a lot of improvements over the 12, but should be a nice jump for me since I’m still using the 11 Pro.

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Jokes on you, I’m an android guy and I like iPhones too and even recommended them to friends who considered getting a new phone. I prefer a more customizable OS which is why I go with Android.

Ive had android phones for many years. Im now using iphone for last 18 months. Both have their pros & cons but as a businessman i actually prefer android it seems simpler.

if you tried the iphone 12pro (60hz) and the iphone 13 pro (120hz) you’ll understand there is a huge gain. especially for gamers. non gamers wouldnt mind if its 40hz.

That is also what I am thinking about doing, you cant go wrong with last years iPhone (especially considering how far into the future you keep getting software updates)

You don’t have to change it every year but also, what device do you use more than your phone? It’s probably the most used device in your life so to a lot of people, it’s worth getting a new one every year.

Unless software/app updates no longer work or if the device itself becomes unusable, then it can be time to change. For me, game console generations make more sense to me than phone “generations”.

To people with iPhone 12’s looking to get the 13, it’s stupid to pay almost KD 300 for an ‘iPhone 12 with diagonal cameras’. Most of the specs that matter for everyday use are the same. Apple have clearly done this to make the 13 stand out because they couldn’t bring anything new and useful to the table this year. Buying a phone every 2+ years gives you more improvements for your money, just like how you skipped the 12 (and better for the environment but no one gives a shit about that anyway).

Here are my two cents, I was planning to upgrade from my 12 Pro Max to 13 Pro Max, but I chose not to, because I didn’t feel the upgrade was necessary. Yes, better battery, pro motion and cinematic mode, and all that. But there isn’t a really convincing factor to pull the trigger for 13PM. The colors are really disappointing (the Sierra Blue looks like a kids color and a faded version of last year’s Pacific Blue, at least for me) (my opinion might change after I see it irl), but yeah, nothing really convincing to pull the trigger.

But if you are using 11 or the earlier models, would I recommend? absolutely yes.
would I recommend upgrading from 12 to 13? No. (Although opinions might differ because well different people have different opinions)

Absolutely agree with you on the Sierra Blue color. I think it looks hideous and they should have just stuck with the Pacific Blue itself.

honestly tempted to trade in my 4ish month old 12 Pro for the 13 Pro just for the 120Hz screen. do they do trade in at Gait or other authorised resellers?

Everyone is saying this alone is worth the upgrade, need to check it out, I think my iPad has it but never really noticed it, probably shows more on a smaller screen where you scroll a lot more often.

haha that’s what I’m scared about. I’ve never used a display with higher than 60 Hz so having it on a device I use every day would be choice. let’s see gonna pop into Gait and see what they can offer me.

@Mark it’s not just higher refresh rate but also how it dynamically adjusts from I think 10 Hz to 120 Hz based upon the content you’re viewing 😮

my iphone x still in good condition and battery also about 80% in 3 years no need upgrade untill i get a full screen without notch

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