2 Buses 1 Car

Post by Mark

That’s a nasty accident. [YouTube]

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  1. Nick Diaz says:

    Where the 2 buses driven by the two girls from the video with the cup? (ooo yeah,lame but u laughed). Where you at george? where you at motherf**ker?

  2. moe85jr says:

    hopefully everyone is alright… bus drivers here are terrible

    still dnt get y ppl record vertically

  3. Mrs. Mohammad says:


  4. cooldude says:

    any idea where it happened and if there are any causalities ??

  5. Nathan says:

    Surely he’s dead.

  6. Mary Morgan says:

    I would like to wish you and your family best wishes in the coming New Year. During 2012 you always kept us informed, provided us with diversified subject matters, and always stayed loyal to a nation of your birth. You are a model citizen of Kuwait and your loyalty at times puzzled me, because your devotion sometimes exceeded the status quo, but I would like to thank you for your arduous efforts to maintain your blog and I wish you prosperity in 2013 wherever life takes you. I am sorry it has to be under this subject matter, but let’s face it this is the status quo.

  7. Coolsprint says:

    That’s a nasty title too.

  8. Kuwait says:

    Annoys me how people still don’t know you’re suppose to hold your phone HORIZONTALLY while shooting videos.

  9. Definitely applied 0 brakes.

  10. They really need to enforce harsh laws for these reckless bus drivers.

    One simple step: put a sticker that says “How am i driving?” and a phone number


    • desert sky says:

      Really? You blame the bus drivers?? The driver of that car should’ve kept his/her distance instead of tailgating that bus.

      • Othman says:

        If the driver was tailgating the first bus, how the f did the second bus crash into it unless the second bu was tailgating as well?

        Bu drivers here are bad, get over it.

  11. mayhem says:

    one of the lesson i learned from driving in Kuwait is.. don’t get too close to any KPTC buses, all of their drivers are only good to ride donkeys LOL

  12. Security Adviser says:

    Exactly.. any driver who has been in Kuwait long enough knows the golden rule which is never ever tail gate a bus or any other heavy vehicle be it a cargo truck or a delivery van in Kuwait. Stay well clear of them cause you can never know when they will stop without warning and you will never have enough time to react or get out of the way.

    Also they person driving the car in the video should never have been in between 02 buses in the first place!!!!

    • heeeeelllllllppppp says:

      one simple rule DO NOT TAIL GATE vehicles higher then your vision.
      You dont know when they will brake ………..

  13. abdou says:

    must have tried to pass between buses without giving indicators…then BOOM, SMASH…..PASTE!

  14. marisa says:

    Its called Verticle Video Syndrome
    Watch this

  15. Azz says:

    They Survived…

  16. rashıd says:

    hı mark ı m rashıd we where sıttıng next to each other ın one of the classes thıs very calm japaneese boy.. ıremember the lovely blue japanees tradıtıonal costume once wore

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