An Alternative to Uber and Careem

Post by Mark

Since it looks like Uber isn’t coming to Kuwait anytime soon and Careem stopped operating in Kuwait as well, here is an alternative app you could use for now, Q8 Grand Limo. I haven’t used them yet but a friend of mine speaks extremely highly of them. They work similar to Uber as in you load up the app and request a cab to your location, but it also has a similar feature to Careem in which you could pre-book a cab for a specific time. So say you need a cab at 4AM in the morning for a early flight, you can pre-book the cab.

Price wise it seems to be cheaper than Careem but more expensive than regular cabs. The app gave me a fare estimate of 2.250-3.750 from Kuwait City to Salmiya. I’ll be using them soon and when I do I’ll post an update. The app is available for both Apple phones and Android phones. For links to download them as well as more information you can check out their website

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  1. rosy says:

    Unable to add a new location.

  2. Raz says:

    Uber, in India, allows pre-booking a cab

  3. Nasser says:

    Any idea why Careem closed down?

  4. Mustapha says:

    Does anyone know why careem stopped operating in Kuwait?

  5. Ahmad says:

    I tried them to the airport. Very professional service and the driver was very elegant and respectful (and wore a very clean attire) as well as they provided me with a bottle of water. Most importantly, the car scent was good.

    I’d recommend them

    PS: they charge a fixed rate to the airport, and you must call a day in advance.

  6. adly says:

    I’ve used it a dozen times already and its amazing. Great cars and drivers and very affordable. Kudos to the team there for bringing this much needed service to Kuwait!

  7. meh says:

    I think companies/startups should really forego the whole “Q8” branding and even Kuwait. Makes it sound cheap and unprofessional, could be just me though.

  8. AJ says:

    I have tried them on two occasions to the airport and the service and cars were both exceptional. The Honda minivan allowed us to take all 4 of is with all our suitcases easily where before we would sometimes need two taxis. Price was very reasonable as well. Highly recommend them.

  9. Hassan says:

    Why did careem closed its operations please can any one tell thr issue they faced in kuwait i tried this app q8 limo its very expensive and there is one more q8 taxi its fare is also similar but only works on iphone on Android it has bugs lot of bugs useless

    • Mark says:

      If you think Q8 Limo is very expensive then you obviously haven’t tried Careem who had a KD3 minimum charge for their cheap car and KD4 for their nice car.

  10. Burhan says:

    Careem closed down because they were asked to by the authorities – apparently some regulation issue.

    Not sure how this app is different; but already I am skeptical if this app is a good idea or not, since they ask you to upload the front and back of your civil id (wtf?!) before signing up.

  11. Randy says:

    I’ve used them a few times now .. once into the city and two airport transfers. Cost me like 3KD to go into the city from Zahra, 5KD to the airport and 10KD from the airport. Don’t know why the difference but the cars are nice and clean.

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