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Draewil is a car booking app similar to Uber and Careem, but is meant to compete more with the likes of Grand Limo. They got in touch with me a couple of weeks back and asked me to try them out, and it was perfect timing since I had to drop my Lotus off at the garage to get new brake pads.

One of the biggest advantages Draewil has over Grand Limo is the app itself. It looked better, worked a lot faster and payment is automated since you can add your knet card to the app. I got KD20 credit loaded up into my account by Draewil, and so decided to splurge by ordering their Luxury category vehicle. Draewil has three categories to choose from, executive, luxury and SUV with the availability of each being different as well as the cost. I had dropped my car off at the garage in Al Rai and needed a car to drop me off to my office in the city. Their luxury vehicle needed around 17 minutes to get to me which was long, but ok in my case since I still had some paperwork I needed to sign.

I ended up being picked up by a brand new Lexus LS which is cool, but I was actually hoping to be picked up by one of their new Audi A8’s since I hadn’t been in one of those yet. The car had plenty of legroom and was immaculate, but that makes sense since Draewil is fairly new so their cars are all brand new as well. The ride from Al Rai to Kuwait City ended up taking 18 mins and cost me KD7.250.

The second time I tried them out was the same day when I wanted to head back to the garage to pick up my Lotus. I ended up ordering their executive car and had it pick me up from Crystal Tower in the city. There was a vehicle in the area so it took just 2 minutes to pick me up. This time I was picked up by a Genesis, another car I hadn’t been in before. Surprisingly, the car was as comfortable as the Lexus and even felt a bit more spacious since the Genesis didn’t have a large TV console between me and the driver. The journey again took 18 minutes, but because I chose an executive vehicle, the price came out slightly cheaper at KD6.

So would I use them again? Yeah, probably. I don’t generally use cabs a lot only when I need to drop my car off somewhere like when I want to get detailing done or if I’m servicing it, so I can afford to splurge on a cab on the rare occasion that I need one. The biggest advantage to me for using Draewil over similar luxury car booking services is the app, I like it a lot. It’s really easy to use, I’ve already added my most used destinations to it like my office, my home, the garage etc and I’ve also added my knet card to it. The service is also new so their cars are brand new and they’re still adding more vehicles to their fleet on a monthly basis. At the moment Draewil is only out for iOS devices, but I was told an Android app is being released before the end of the month. If you have an iPhone, you can download the app right now from the Apple Store by clicking [Here]

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You know you’ve made it in life when the car legroom you’re in allows you to cross your legs into a triangle.

Our Exec class fare is 2KWD every 10 minutes, and the cars in the fleet are Genesis G80, Mercedes E-Class, Lexus ES, Audi A6 or equivalent — but we typically upgrade you to an Infiniti QX80 for free if one is available.

I’ve used this app and few times and highly recommend it! Easy to use app with friendly and courteous drivers.

Draewil is a fantastic app. It’s quick easy and fast.They have a large range of cars that they offer and the drivers are beyond respectful A+ for service will use this app again thank you

Nice. Always good to have some competition for Grand Limo. (Which I have been using for years.)
I agree totally about the Grand Limo app on Android. It is in need of a bit of help. The last couple of times I used it, I got close to the pickup time and had no reservation confirmation in the app and had to call to confirm the ride. Easy to do from the app and customer service is always excellent, but still a bit of a pain. Their cars are getting a bit tired as well. I recently got taken to the airport in an Odessy van, which was ok, but the transmission was slipping so bad that it made the ride much less enjoyable. I have always enjoyed their excellent drivers and service outside of the app confirmation issue. I will definitely be trying out Draewil once their Android app is available.
Does anyone know when the Android app will come?

great App, service is very promising and the charges are very reasonable comparing to the kind of cars and service they provide , it is expected that Draewil to be number 1 Limo app in Kuwait very soon.

the staff is very professional and the drivers is well- trained , very good variety in their cars and the cars are in very good condition and clean all the time , i thinks they will take over Kuwait Market in short time.

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