Drunk driver crashes into Ferrari showroom and escapes

Post by Mark

This didn’t happen in Kuwait but in Qatar. Just a random video to start the day. [YouTube]

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  1. Acerboy says:

    goodness nothing happened to his car !! Which car was it ?

  2. Navin Lewis says:

    Seems like the chap is driving a Kia Cerato

  3. Nicolas says:

    Korean invasion!

    Okay, now we need video how random drunk guy broke glass in Vertu shop by Galaxy Note :D

  4. 3azeez says:

    Looks like an expat. I am sure that the Qataris will bow for him and apologies for any inconvenience they have caused him. In Dubai, they may deport him. In Kuwait… they will just claim that it never happened :D

  5. stanjohn123 says:

    Driver thinking:

    Guess I came to the wrong service center , Oh well maybe it’s around the next corner.

  6. Security Adviser says:

    They bow to expats in Qatar ?????? Really ?? These are Qatari’s we are talking about right ?? Damnn .. I am in the wrong country!! The only places I ever get people bowing down to me are in Japan, South East Asia and in certain places in India, but then again thats not in servitiude its a part of their culture to be respectfull to guests.

    Wow.. Qataris bowing to expats, I need to book a flight to Doha and rent me a KIA Cerato or was it a Toyota Coralla. Next headline drunk American drives through newly fixed Ferrari Showroom Window ;-)

    • 3azeez says:

      Well, the native population is handful and voiceless. The european expats are running the government and the economy. If a law enforcement officer is going to persue this man… the officer is probably an expat as well from a poorer Asian country or some one who just received the Qatari nationality. Do you think he’ll really peruse this man or whatever?

      Beside, bow was a figure of speech… If that guy is an american, probably a contractor… I am sure his government will have him safe and sound out of the country in no time.

      btw, you’re a foreign security adviser in Kuwait… tell us what you think?

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