Emergency Lane Parade

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  1. crazyinkuwait says:

    I used to watch this parade every morning when I worked in Kuwait City. I would really get ticked off when I saw the police stop a car only to cheek kiss the driver and continue to laugh and joke until he let the guy go. If the person was an expat he got a ticket automatically.

    • Mark says:

      It’s not only kuwaitis who are driving on the emergency lane. i’ve seen a ton of expats do it, no one is afraid of punishment anymore.

      • B says:

        That’s not what crazyinkuwait said. He/she clearly said that expats do it, the difference is they get a ticket unlike kuwaitis. Sometimes I feel like you don’t understand people’s comments

  2. FAMAJAH says:

    Honestly, it’s like the E in E-Lane stands for “Extra”…

  3. Al-Marzouq says:

    Now those will be the same people protesting tonight that the country has become so corrupt and ‘Lawless’. I am surprised they turned up at work and going home during rush hour. ùsually its sign in and piss off home to talk about how corrupt and unproductive Kuwait is lol….SMH

  4. The Real Burhan says:

    This is nothing. Try going to the city during the morning commute on 30 or 40. Then you’ll see the parade.

    Have to say the policing has improved. At least now they stop a car (and still let the other 5 go); but previously even that wasn’t done.

  5. d'fine says:

    Lawless is the something, MANNERS is something far more important. I see people who has no manners, ex Push themselves in front of you in a u-turn, interrupt when you are talking to the cashier or your sitting even in the bank inside the office, throwing trash on the ground, stealing others parking space, blocking your car, stopping in the middle of the road, drilling the apt wall at all hours, hitting on your boyfriend/girlfriend openly, lying, cheating, etc etc…

    We don’t have this where I come from, and it annoys me big time. It shows lack of respect for others and the country, something one should think would be big time “haram”.

    • rabbit says:

      Its ok.. relax. Our citizens have become a disgrace to humankind and Islam. I’ll be leaving this shit hole and visiting the family every Eid and Ramadan.

      • d'fine says:

        Disgrace I agree at the same time you see the Kuwaitis so polite and gentle when you deal with them normally. But god forbid they need something for free or at a bargain, they don’t know how to behave.

  6. Desert Girl says:

    I dream of spike strips where the grooved strips are now.

  7. sub-80 says:

    They should copy UAE’s solution. Anyone who goes into e-lane gets his/her car confiscated permanently. They had that law for a few weeks and this problem decreased incredibly.

  8. Security Adviser says:

    Like I said they should place cameras that click the bastards who think they are better than the rest of us and drive on the E lane. Like the rest of us stuck in the traffic jam on the legal lanes of traffic are not getting late or held up!!
    I agree with sub-80..strict non-bias policing is required to put an end to this . Hell a traffic cop can just walk down the E-lane while its jammed like this just saying daftaar sayara ,ejaza wah bataka to each and every car on the E-lane and he will end up finishing his fine book. Maybe even get a promotion. He doesn’t even need to explain the offence. The fact that they are on the E-lane is explanation enough.Hell I dare the offending motorist to even ask. Also the penalty should be an effective deterrent. It should be a complete revocation of the driver’s licence as well as the confiscation of the vehicle. Guaranteed no more E-lane parades.

  9. Mathai says:

    Guys like this are the reason I have all those cracks in my windshield. Driving on the E lane kicks up a lot of gravel and cars in the fast lane take the damage.

  10. Security Adviser says:

    Yeah Mathai why do you think I am so pissed of at these assholes?? Like I commented on Marks last post on the increase of Traffic Cameras in Kuwait. Twice this year!!!!!!

  11. Security Adviser says:

    Yeah that’s bad.. Both my hits happened on the 40 as well heading out to AJ; they seem to go nuts for some reason after the Nuwaiseeb underpass, You were fortunate with a bullet hole hit and a 2.5 KD repair. In my case the first hit was an instantaneous crack and I ended up shelling 30 KD for a new wind shield. Second incident was like yours but I ignored it until it did crack and again which I ignored until I got a traffic violation by a cop which forced me to change the windsheild; Thus my vicious feeling towards the assholes who drive on E-lanes

  12. hamad says:

    i dont like what kuwait has become or in that sense kuwaitis behavior. but on that note you cannot complain if you are here from another arab country or “underdeveloped” one. we’ve been to their countries and seen the dysfunction of those societies. we have no reason to be this way in kuwait but that’s the card that was dealt to us. if you are here for work then just be thankful for that, and hope for the best. but to be rude and vulgar to serious issues do that in your own respective countries not the place from which feeds all of us.

  13. Edman says:

    Go by Motorcycle for office hours you will save more time..
    I use my harley for all year even 50Degrees to save time….
    Guys you will see me in the Road 30 Every morning 9AM say hi to me LOL….

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