Flyover of the Kuwait Motor Town Circuit

Post by Mark

I need to do this with my drone, except I’d have my drone follow the track on the same path the cars would take. It’s so close to being finished, just three more months!

Thanks lovelykuwait

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  1. Kuwait says:

    Speaking of drones, are you experiencing “weak image transmission signal” on your iPhone through the OTG cable? Because I am and its super annoying!

    I believe its due to some iPhone app update issue

  2. Lovelykuwait says:

    Thanks Mark

  3. Abdul Samad Butt says:

    Mark, what are the legalities behind flying a drone in Kuwait? Does one needs to acquire some sort of a permit or a liscense?

  4. Longhorn In Qatar says:

    I saw he was pretty careful with his camera view since the track is being built next to door to a Kuwait Army base and Camp Arifjan!

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