I spotted the 2010 BMW Z4

Post by Mark

New Z4

While walking back to my hotel today in Munich I spotted a weird Z4. At first I thought it was very tacky customized Z4 but then I realized it was actually the new unreleased 2010 model. The car was camouflaged pretty well with black body work and tape but as soon as I figured out what the car was I quickly took out my camera and turned it on. By then the traffic light had turned green so I was only able to take two shots.

It was pretty cool seeing an unreleased test car but sadly only a few car freaks will appreciate this! For me this was an amazing experience, I spend soo much time checking car blogs and magazines and seeing “spy shots” just like this all the time. Now that I was able to take these same kind of shots feels pretty great. Below are the two pictures which I managed to shoot, they are in full resolution.

2010 BWW Z4 Rear
2010 BMW Z4 Side

update: This post made Jalopnik, yay!

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  1. balboa says:


  2. Nobu says:

    Yawn. You are right, only foreign freaks and imbeciles appreciate new cars in Germany. Tell us something about the museums and the Symphony Orchestra .


  3. bo9agr says:

    that’s super cool !! spotting a car like that and in Germany is soo cool !!

  4. ISF-Man (ALD) says:


  5. A&B says:

    I doesn’t say anywhere that you took the pics.

  6. AMQ says:

    CONGRATS on the jalopnik thing!!! thats big time!!

  7. Kuwait says:

    That’s cool… I can only imagine how it must feel to take a spy shot of an unreleased machine.

  8. TanGo says:


  9. DeReD says:

    Good Job Mark.. Happy for you..

  10. Rakan says:


    Copied from Jalopnik.com

    ” Though there’s still quite a few layers of camo on this tester, we’re expecting the new Z4 to be quite the looker when it comes out, drawing styling cues from the CS Concept which should give it the new BMW family look we’ll see in the upcoming 2009 BMW 7-Series. It actually doesn’t seem so bad, at least not compared to the 2010 F3.
    Hat Tip to Mark! (not me, different Mark) [248am.com] ”

    Good Job Mark

  11. Rakan says:

    One more thing A&B:

    Look at the picture on the Jalopnik website it has a part of 248am.com on it.


  12. Nallie says:

    WOW- that is too cool- I have the garage kept 2006 Z4 that I only drive in the summer- I have been waiting to see when it will be worth trading in for an upgrade….

  13. 3obad says:

    u r so fucken lucky…
    i loveeeeeeeeee bmw coupes all of them :D

  14. Frankom says:

    :: You should add 248am.com on both pictures.

  15. Q80 BOY says:

    nice shots

  16. Sunshine says:

    Totally out of context… Do you have a brother called Patrick?

  17. jaz says:

    Sweet! What did it sound like?

  18. mike says:

    In an issue of car and driver I got here in the U.S. there was an article on how they camouflage cars. They make 4 door Mercedes look just like 2 door vipers. They dont just add tape, but painted styrophome pieces sometimes.

  19. Sam says:

    Congrats man! Awesome catch and great reaction time. Even with the “disguise,” it’s obvious what it is. I honestly think the car manufacturers do this intentionally for more hype.

    Should get you some more traffic too with the recognition from Jalopnik.com.

    I agree with Frankom! Put 248am.com on those pics!

  20. Desert Girl says:

    Chick car.

    But cool that you saw one on the street.

  21. Mark says:

    Z3 was chick car. Z4 is a male car.

  22. Meshari says:

    Mark, Are you saying it’s a male car ’cause you own a one?

  23. Mark says:

    I own one because its a male car.
    BMW when they redesigned the Z3 they wanted it to be more masculine and the Z4 was born. If you notice there are a lot more males driving a Z4 compared to the SLK for example.

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