Is this the New Long Term Parking Lot?

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A reader just let me know there is a huge new parking lot that was recently constructed very close to the airport. Could this be our new long term parking lot where they shuttle passengers to the main terminal and back? I can’t imagine it being anything else since there is no building next to it and the lot seems huge, more than double the size of our current long term parking lot.

My theory is they’ll most likely convert the current long term parking lot into a short term lot since the current short term lot isn’t big enough. They would then completely move the long term parking lot away to this new location if it is in fact the new long term parking lot.

Does anybody have any information on this?
Here is the location of the new lot on [Google Maps]

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  1. jalal says:

    that might be possible and beginning of last week construction of the new terminal has started and is opposite of that parking area

  2. lolguy says:

    I think that parking lot always existed, they just made it shaded though.

  3. Fahad says:

    On the opposite side of the street will be the new temp terminal. So I guess this the parking for it.

  4. lucky_boy says:

    Probably for a new terminal, either terminal 2 (when they gonna start working on it btw?) or jazeera’s own terminal. But surely not the new airport.

  5. King Ashref says:

    It will be used for the new support terminal (for kuwait airways) which will be across the street. The parking lot and the terminal will be connected via an enclosed bridge. The terminal is supposed to take 15 months to design and build (started in september) but I think it will take a few more months than that.
    The capacity is half of that of our current airport.

  6. Bills says:

    This is the parking lot for the new ‘temporary’ terminal being constructed to serve Kuwait Airways and some selceted airlines that should be completed by December 2017, it will have 8 gates and a capacity of 4 million passengers/year, and is aimed to reduce the congestion on the existing terminal untill the NEW TERMINAL 2 building is completed by 2022.

  7. srijith says:

    That is the parking lot for the new terminal being constructed to ease congestion at the main terminal It will have capacity of anywhere between 1.5 to 4 million passengers/year. since the new terminal 2 will be ready only by 20xx(??)

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