Jamal Abdulnasser Road Development Project

Post by Mark

The 3D animation video above is of the Jamal Abdulnasser road development project. The Jamal Abdulnasser road is the one that starts from the Sheraton roundabout and heads towards Shuwaikh and all the way to the north. The road has been under construction for sometime now already but the video starts off with the original old road and then takes you through the various stages of construction that the road is and will be going through. Helpful if you take the road often and are frustrated with the slow progress, at least after watching this video you’ll have a better idea of what exactly is going on there. [Vimeo]

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  1. Sami says:

    Kuwait needs more of PR videos like this one

  2. Nixon says:

    nice animation.
    But, to me personally, I think the best highway intersection connection should be the 4 ring design. that way if you take the wrong exit it is easier to correct your mistake.

  3. passingby says:

    Nice project, and i think it will be good. but, i do not see anything special or innovative about it. when they were planning to build it, they were speaking about it like it was something the world haven’t seen before.

    it looks just like another highway! and i dont understand why it is taking so long…

  4. Mezzo says:

    I am working at this project, The project is handle by 4 Companies, ‘Rizzani De Esscher’ ‘OHL’ ‘Buddai’ & ‘Trevi’.

    It’s a 14 Kilometers Bridge project with 6 km almost done ( In 26 Months ).

  5. Neo says:

    Use the Sheraton RoundAbout almost every day and keep wondering why this project is it taking so ? They have the funds and the resources.

    I think the Dubai Metro was finished in about 4 years time.

    According to Mezzo’s comment above, the rate at which it is progressing , this project would take as much time as well !

  6. instantcravings says:

    A very simple yet comprehensive video, hats off to the creative team behind it.

  7. d'fine says:

    I can see the bedo’s fly of the bridge… they way they driver that road.. puha..

  8. Nunya says:

    Watch Kuwait screw up the off/on ramp signs; like only put up one sign and it’s in a position where you either have to swerve through three lanes of traffic to get to turn off in time, or it’s just past the turn off and you’re screwed.

  9. Ahmad says:

    Can’t wait for the project to finish… then the rain to come down… and then they’ll have to re-do the project. I really hope they do the foundation and pave the road right this time, not like what every other road seems to be facing.

    Look at Jabriya. It was just recently redone and repaved (which took forever to do). As soon as it was done, some rainfall came down and we’ve got more potholes than before.

  10. Yasmine says:

    They make it look so seamless! I take this road to work everyday, and it’s just PAIN. If only the construction was as seamless as this video. Oh well.

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