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It frustrates me when I hear stories of cops impounding cars because of a small stickers on the rear window but then I see scenes like the one above where a cop completely ignored a much more dangerous situation. The ATV above obviously isn’t street legal hence the lack of a license plate or any indicator lights but if that wasn’t enough the rider was texting on his phone when the cop just drove past him like nothing was wrong.

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  1. bask says:

    this post should be information for the ministry of interior to pull out the plate number of the cop and pull him in for investigation and impound his car for violation.

  2. Nicolas says:

    1. Even if they stop him, they can’t give him fine because as I know by low it’s not required to have license plate on ATV and without license plate they can’t give him traffic fine.
    2. There is chance police officers was texting and they were too busy to notice it.
    4. This isn’t Traffic Police car.

  3. cajie says:

    The force (I mean wasta) is strong with this one.

  4. Sauce says:

    i was at the ministry of social affairs a couple of days back and overhead a cop telling his buddy they just deported 5 lebanese guys to “teach” them a lesson for not driving properly “let them respect our country”


  5. aaa says:

    Wasn’t it you that posted that there was an issue with ATVs where cops are afraid to pursue them because someone got seriously injured?

  6. OMS says:

    Ha… The cop was probably off duty

  7. If I’m correct the car pictured is not a cop car but one that’s used for administration, they are usually a gray color and they don’t have authority to do anything or maybe it’s his brother, cousin, uncle etc. Maybe he just doesn’t care?

    • Mark says:

      Well it says police and it has sirens so I figured it wasn’t a fire truck.

      • MousePotato says:

        It’s not traffic police. As the Muroor cars as blue in color and this one is grey. Grey ones are usually used in crime scenes.

      • It’s a transformer :P

        • TNN says:

          yes its not a traffic police car, this blenogs to “amn el3am”… public safety? headed by general mahmoud aldosarry either way it doesnt matter they have the right to impound the atv since its on a public road and ticket the driver on his license or civil id yes you can get a ticket on your civil id for alot of reasons such as jay walking. but to be honest as some one mentioned above, cops are too afraid to pursue them and there has been orders issued in the past to not engage or persue atv drivers.

    • Burhan says:

      The one you are talking about are not these, they are usually Corollas or Sunny and don’t have the full compliment of lights like this one does.

  8. Lionel Hutz says:

    I’m not too sure, but I remember hearing that it’s police procedure to not actively engage ATV riders. A lot of these guys, if asked to pull over, will run instead, and the fear is that when they do run they are more likely to cause accidents because of how reckless they become. I’ve seen that first hand, and because of that I can understand why cops don’t really do anything when they see them on the street. Again, not too sure if that’s the actual case, but I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss the cop as just not caring or lazy as some have suggested.

  9. Mohammed says:

    Mark I saw the exact same scene today but instead off one I saw four atv passing by a polic car without him doing any action.

  10. Stu says:

    Well he IS wearing a helmet. I mean how many laws do you expect a guy to obey all at once?

  11. LWDLIK says:

    Sad, very sad indeed.

  12. 500 says:

    Police cars are not allowed to chase down motorcycles or ATV’s. The maba7ith are the people in charge of these issues.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah that applies in the States as well, the fact you aren’t allowed to “chase” bikers. But you can follow them, you could tell them to put over, you could set up check points ahead, you could take the license plate numbers down (if they have them) etc… You don’t just ignore them.

      • me says:

        Please stop hating the police

        • LWDLIK says:

          What would you like us to do put our heads in the sand like the rest of you. It’s plain to see everyday that law and order in this country needs to be implemented fully. If you loved this country you would want that too. If it takes naming,blaming and photographic evidence then do it. My nephew is a policeman. No one is saying they are all bad or that anyone hates them. There is a general lethargy in the country that needs to be addressed. And please don’t tell me to go home, I am home.

          • dezrtninja says:

            well said.

            people are lazy, and take offense when you tell them that they are negligent in their duties.

            there is always an excuse for why they suck. And when someone genuinely tries to do something good they go after them for it.

        • LWDLIK says:

          @ me – This comment’s for you…

  13. Desert Girl says:

    If the police can’t stop them, they should be allowed to photograph them and then publicize the photos. Everything is about shame, isn’t it? Wheeee! Is that your son in the paper!? Ya haraaaaam!

  14. Mahmoud says:

    why are you all negitive and eveytime i come pass 248.am and read the comments i get depressed, these comments are depressing, be realistic and just joke about it becuase you nor the cop can do anything to this ATV driver as

    If the police officer trys to call him down, the ATV driver will escape, leading to his escape the AYV driver might get into an accident. To aviod cultural relationships, which is not called Wa96a its the cultural that you dont do any harm to one another (in this case).

    Avioding the ATV driver is much more better than frustraing the road and causing accidents.

    however, there are many undercover ATv/Motorcycle drivers that drivfe along with these groups on motorcycles/ATV’s and onces these groups park and turn there engines off, the police will have the chance in confiscating these bikes.

    I g2g, i wont be doing a grammer check.
    my point to be raised is,

    you citizens stop dissing the law, improve it dont just chit chat about it
    you forginers be greatful as this land is treating you well :)

    • Andy says:

      So, as a foreigner, I’m not allowed to criticize? Thanks for that, I’ll be sure to ask your permission next time I want to exercise my rights.

  15. Haitham says:

    How about the guys on sports bikes and ATV’s that ride up and down the sidewalks at Marina, between the Crescent and Waves? These guys cruise up and down with impunity trying to get chicks to go for a ride while risking the lives of everyone in the area, especially children trying to play on the playground or run around. The other day there were 8 guys on six sport bikes and ATV’s; the guys on ATV’s were popping wheelies.

  16. BBB says:

    It’s not only in Kuwait. A friend of mine in Bulgaria has a sport bike. He fabricated a small hinge to which he attached the licence plate. Police don’t even bother stopping him, because they can’t get a picture of his plate, traffic cameras can’t and his bike does 300+. Black full body suit + black helmet and a black bike. Pretty impossible to find.
    I don’t approve of that, but in his case I find it quite funny, because a policeman waves him to pull over and he waves them back and carries on doing 40.

  17. Faisal says:

    The cop cannot do anything to a person on an atv while it is in motion. It is against the law to stop the person on the atv. but, if the guy stops for any reason the cop will take the atv away.

  18. Neo says:

    Bad boys, Bad boys whatcha gonna do?
    Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

  19. Bader says:

    That wasnt a traffic police car

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