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My Second Datsun 240z

Back in 2016 I bought a 1973 Datsun 240z. I used to really love that car and fixed it up so I could daily drive it and I was doing so until I decided to buy my first Lotus. I ended up selling the 240Z to a friend of mine so I wouldn’t feel too guilty about spending so much money on the Lotus, and I always regretted it. What’s worse is that he offered to sell it back to me at the end of last year, but I said no because I was in between jobs and that wouldn’t have been the responsible thing to do. By the time I realized my mistake, the car was sold off to another friend of ours who sent it to Bahrain where it’s getting a full restoration job.

I really needed a classic car in my life and I tried to find something interesting locally but couldn’t, so I started looking outside of Kuwait. I eventually ended up finding a beautiful red 1970 Alfa Romeo GTV in Holland and bought it back in April. But that car is still in the process of getting registered for export in and then needs around a month to get to Kuwait. So while waiting for it I kept my eye open for a 240z and a couple of weeks ago I finally found a good one that was located in Sulaibiya. It was blue like my dad’s Datsun in the 70s, and the guy was asking a reasonable price for so I went and checked it out.

At first glance, the car didn’t look like much, and I think that’s what might have scared other buyers off. The seats were ripped, the interior had been fully carpeted by the owner covering up all the original diamond stitched vinyl that covers the interior, and the original engine was swapped out with a 280z engine. But, the dashboard with all the dials and knobs was super clean! It was in much better condition than the one in my older Datsun and it’s actually the most expensive thing to restore in the car. Everything else like the seat covers, interior vinyl trimming, carpets, plastic panels etc.. are readily available and not for much. But a new dashboard without any of the dials and different buttons on it? That would easily cost you a third of the price of the car. The whole dashboard and center console area looked like it was refurbished or swapped out with a new one by one of the previous owners, so I quickly realized this was the car to get. Even the fact that the engine was off a 280z was a good thing for me because it meant I could install air conditioning and more engine parts were available for it.

So now I’m a proud owner of a 1972 blue Datsun 240z. I spent the weekend ordering a whole bunch of parts for it and I already scheduled an appointment with my mechanic to start work on it. By the time I’m done it should hopefully look similar to the 240z pictured above which was featured on Petrolicious. I’m super excited!

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I know the feeling of missing a Z in one’s life…

I bought a 1973 240Z here around 3 or 4 years ago with a swapped in 280 engine and 5-speed gearbox. Classic green colour. A real looker. Great sound through the exhaust too!

My uncle then convinced me to pass it to him so I shipped it over to the UK where he ended up replacing the vehicle’s chassis rails as totally rotted through, plus other bits and pieces.

Need another Z, hopefully for after the summer.

Got any pictures? I had a carburetor 280z engine in my previous Z with a 5 speed gearbox, now I have a fuel injected 280z turbo engine in the current one. Still not sure if I’m keeping it or doing an engine swap since I’m not a big fan of old turbos, waiting for my mechanic to check it out and recommend me something (probably and RB swap)

Mine was fuel injected 2.8. Just checked my records, the car was a 1972 model.

Interestingly, my uncle toyed with the idea of either converting to a performance carb system or swapping in an RB engine.

Not sure how to upload pictures, so will try put some together into a downloadable link.

Oh amazing!! Canโ€™t believe you had so much paperwork with the car! My first Datsun didnโ€™t have anything and my current Datsun Iโ€™m just excited at the fact it came with the original spare tire ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Not sure if u need it but in my previous Datsun my mechanic took the AC system from a 280z and installed it into my 240. He then connected it to the cars stock fan control knob and to the cars stock vents. So I ended up with basically an OEM AC system in the car that was so good I was driving it all summer.

The plan was to do an AC conversion whilst here in Kuwait, but since shipping to the UK, the car’s heater system will likely see more action than the AC ever would. Still, a worthwhile conversion to do anyhow, even if all we ever have is a couple of weeks of summer in the UK.

Will never forget the day I had to get the vehicle docs ready for shipping, and driving around in the Z, sat on its vinyl seats, close to 50 degrees outside, and of course, no AC!

haha that sounds like my weekend here, went driving around in a tank top and shorts in 50 degree weather with the windows rolled down

You made the right choice. Cant wait to graduate and be able to buy classic cars. You sir, have high taste.

“I spent the weekend ordering a whole bunch of parts for it” , Would you mind sharing the shipping source you have used. and also what is the cheapest

If you mean where Iโ€™m ordering parts then itโ€™s from the z store and Datsun garage. If u mean which company Iโ€™m shipping with then itโ€™s postaplus

Thanks. I’m leaning towards postaplus too, they’re a bit expensive than MYUS but I’ve always heard good reviews

the reason i use posta plus is because they’re meant to be the cheapest while MYUS is the most expensive. BUT, someone mentioned it before in the comments that MyUS were cheaper and when I checked I think he was right. I believe they have cheaper rates now I should actually try them out again now.

I have a 40lb package arriving to my PostaPlus address and according to their online calculator its gonna cost me 75KD to ship to Kuwait.

MyUS on the other hand has three prices less!

Budget Economy / 6-12 days / 45KD
FedEx Economy / 5-10 days / 58KD
FedEx Priority / 1-4 days / 65KD

Fuck I’m pissed now because I have a second heavy package that is gonna ship soon to my postaplus account as well. I need to star using MyUS again!!

We used to own a Datsun in the early 70s back
when we were living in Lusaka, Zambia.
Your Datsun entry opened the floodgates of memories
for me, especially of the one time we drove up to
the steep Zomba plateau in Malawi and crossed the border into Congo where
we had a flat in the middle of the forest with the civil war raging.

YOUR blog has become boring (not just me several friends are saying this)…STEP IT UP PLEASE. Spice up your posts.

You chose to comment this on the most interesting post of the blog. Living in Kuwait and not being into cars, especially when a blogger posts in English, youโ€™re following the wrong blog. Just saying ๐Ÿ™‚

I was talking about recent posts, this one was cool but not my thing. His blog was and maybe still my favorite, which is why I even commented. End of conversation..#inta_shako!!!

Just come across this post and was wondering how the Z turned out. Would love an update. Looking for one myself.


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