Police car wrecked

Post by Mark

Found this photo on Instagram of a cop car that was involved in a horrible accident. No idea what was the cause or if anyone was hurt.

via @moe_gharabally

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  1. Abdul says:

    wondering if anyone was left alive on that.

  2. Deported Q8-T :) says:

    Maybe MOI will get him deported for Wreckless Driving … Join to the Paaaardddyyyyy

  3. Ahmed says:

    Was he drunk?

  4. Wishbone says:

    Must have been pissed the Armoured APC got all the publicity …

  5. n4s3r says:

    I bet texting, smoking or on the fone, typical

  6. Security Adviser says:

    I bet all 3 and chasing a chick as well to give her his number.

  7. John says:

    That poor Crown Vic! :(

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