WTF is going on here?

Post by Mark

The video above was featured on the main page of Live Leak. Supposedly this happened in Kuwait and from the video looks like the driver was trying to slow down his car by scrapping in on the side wall. [Link]

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  1. TweeZ says:

    i think he wants to put his insurance to the test…

  2. B says:

    Maybe the brakes are not working! but it wasnt very effective from the looks of it.

  3. cajie says:

    Hope the passengers are safe. But I believe we should run an aggressive awareness campaign on the dangers of VVS (vertical video syndrome)

  4. moe85jr says:

    if the brakes arent working, just put the car in neutral and cruise to a halt… will be better than scraping against the wall

  5. Lucky_Boy says:

    What a tool

  6. bader says:

    The accelerator is stuck….

  7. Anon says:

    The steering got jammed..

  8. Shiznit says:

    Sometimes it happens that Cruise Control gets stuck giving no response for the brakes.

  9. Tuan says:

    Slam into a speed camera post LOL

  10. Akbar says:

    Someone didnt like their new year’s gift and decided to wreck it. Well atleast nobody was hurt or killed.

  11. Hello says:

    The driver is drunk or high

  12. Milanista says:

    this happened to a friend of mine, his land cruiser’s breaks were stuck and he couldnt turn the engine off so he called the cops and the cops cleared the way until his fuel finished. he now safe. inshalah nothing happened to this guy.

    and to all of you making fun of this guy, if you were in his shoes you would have been scared to death and you wouldnt think of smart ways to stop ur car. tara this is really scary in real life

      • ali wadi says:

        It happened to me before and I just stopped the car with the handbrake. You dont need a rocket scientist to figure that out

    • blackswan says:

      You mean breaks weren`t working.
      Like a lot of guys are saying switch to N and use the hand-brake (slowly pulling) or cruise to stop.
      Happened to me (acceleration got stuck).
      Never switch off the engine.

    • Jumanji says:

      not really. if you think with a clear head, really isnt scary. Happened to me in an LTZ caprice. Floored the accelerator and it got stuck, the car was going so fast, and only increasing in speed. In less than 10 seconds I had already reached 200. I did not know the accelerator got stuck on the floor mat. I simply put the gear in Neutral and slowed down. shno scared to death o in his shoes o madry shno, chill bro.

  13. tjcfilms says:

    Maybe Cruise control got stick. Toyotas were doing that for a while. Or maybe they are diabetic and having an issue. Saw that a lot in the fire department. Lots of people think diabetics are drunk drivers due to fruity breath and erratic driving.

  14. brownsuger says:

    u really think he is trying to slow down his car? i don’t think so hummmm

  15. KHAN SALIM says:

    NFS 2013.. DRIFTIN’ IN Q8..most wanted

  16. Security Adviser says:

    Never ever piss of the spouse off……. she will take your toys and let them have it.

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