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Every now and then I invite professionals to contribute to this blog to help me cover subjects I personally cannot do myself. One subject I used to enjoy reading were the health and fitness posts which were written by Fahad AlYehya (thedietninja). Since Fahad moved on from the blog a long time ago, I’ve invited a new contributor to take over that subject, Amy Freeman.

I was introduced to Amy by a friend of mine a couple of weeks back and after first meeting her I realized she could provide a lot of interesting content for the blog which I’d personally love to read. Amy just published her first post below and I’m now looking forward to reading more of her stuff on a weekly basis. I hope everyone else will too.

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  1. Mathai says:

    I appreciate you inviting health and fitness experts to your blog but in the name of balance you really must have an equal number of posts by Farah Bishara :)

    • Mark says:

      hahahaha i actually spoke to her about this when i saw her at qout market. will take a photo of your comment now and whatsapp it to her now to let her know shes needed here :P

  2. SonyBoy says:

    Al-Hamra Thermae o bas

  3. aaa says:

    Totally disappointed with her post to be honest. She claims living in Kuwait magically lowers your testosterone without explaining how? Throws around ridiculous stats like 80% of newborns are female? Ignores the fact that a lot of symptoms of low testosterone in males like lower sex drive and decrease in body and facial hair are the exact opposite of every person you see in the malls…

    If you google “Bio Signature Practitioner” the first thing that pops up are the supplements she recommended! Seriously this whole thing looks like a GIANT scam.

    • sp says:

      Have to agree with you there. MDZ also makes some excellent points to back up your general verdict.
      I would advise Mark to re-think who he invites to post on his blog. I almost felt patronised reading Amy’s baseless assertions. Her “facts” and “evidence” were neither facts nor evidence. And it is clear that she does indeed have an affiliation to The Poliquin Supplements – MDZ provides the research necessary to demonstrate that.
      It came across as a marketing article attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of some innocent punter willing to throw multiple dinars at her and her affiliated products.

  4. Marcel says:

    C’mon, give her a break.
    She made a false start, sure, but she isn’t stupid. Regarding this post maybe a bit naive, but this experience will only make her stronger. I for sure will look forward to her next post.

    This line really made me laugh…

    “1- I started to notice how many males in Kuwait have female body types. Such as, bigger hips and legs and smaller upper-bodies. Low Testosterone right there.”

    Hahaha… With such comments you won’t make many (m) friends.
    Not anywhere..

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