Toxicity and Results: Why dieting and exercising in Kuwait just isn’t cutting it

Post by Amy Freeman


This is something that myself, my clients and I’m sure most people reading this will relate to. You eat well, you exercise at least 3 times per week, sometimes you may even use a trainer, but no matter how hard you train and how clean your diet is, getting those desired results you are working so hard for is so damn hard.

Well for the last 2.5 years I have been in Kuwait, I have noticed something that, at first, baffled me. The first 6 months I was in Kuwait I gained 6kg. I was exercising more than I ever did back in New Zealand and very cautious with my eating habits but no matter what I did I couldn’t shift this weight (and I’m a midget at 5ft3.5 so 6kg is very noticeable)

Then something strange happened. I went on vacation and came back lighter and leaner. Now, I can assure you right now; I wasn’t on vacation eating celery sticks and lettuce leaves that’s for sure. So what happened?

After becoming Bio Signature Practitioner almost 2 years ago, all these questions started to get answered.

After asking my coach on Bio Signature (who has trained Olympic Athletes and has over 20 years experience). He said to me ‘Where do you live?’ I said ‘Kuwait’. He said ‘KUWAIT! Hmmm, I’ve been asked to go do courses in the Middle East and turned them down because of how toxic it is, that’s your culprit right there’.

He then went on to explain to me that with so much toxicity entering the body, the pathways for nutrients and hormones get blocked by toxicity bonds that attach to fat cells which causes stubborn fat, like cellulite, that is hard to break down.

This also result’s in low Testosterone levels and a healthy amount of Testosterone is important for reducing body fat in both female and male and is absolutely imperative for male health and wellbeing.

After hearing this I started to notice things in Kuwait that backed up his claims:

1- I started to notice how many males in Kuwait have female body types. Such as, bigger hips and legs and smaller upper-bodies. Low Testosterone right there.

2- Low Testosterone in men causes a lower sperm count. Men with a lower sperm count are more likely to father girls. There are a significantly larger proportion of Females in Kuwait than Males. Last I was told the ratio of females to males here is 4:1.

3- Most people drink out of plastic bottles, which have Pseudo Estrogens, which act as female hormones when they enter our body.

4- Almost every Bio Signature I have done on men and woman in Kuwait has shown their first priority (highest reading) as their Hamstring (at the top of the back of the leg). The Estrogen Sight of the body.


So how can you rectify this?

1- Include weight training in your gym routine, everyone and anyone needs a healthy amount of Testosterone, even the ladies. Low Testosterone=High Body Fat.

2- Drink your water from glass bottles and drink at least 2L per day. Say ‘NO’ to plastic.

3- Eat your greens. Veges have antioxidant’s that help break the bonds of the toxins so you can break down the fat.

4- Take supplements that help your body detoxify. Below is what I suggest and I’ve also included the link from where you can purchase them if you choose.

The Poliquin Supplements in my opinion are the best in the world hands down, I love them, my clients love them and for me that’s a home run. (No I’m not affiliated with them I just love their products)

1- Zinc PX: Zinc is an essential mineral that helps with all functions of the body. It has been said if you are deficient in Zinc you are deficient in everything. Fatloss, healthy immune system, healthy Testosterone levels and detoxification are all assisted by Zinc.

2- Multi Intense (with Iron for woman): essential for us here in Kuwait as our fresh produce is rarely local so lacks nutrients making it impossible for us to get our daily-required vitamins and minerals. More Antioxidants= less Toxins
Multi Intense (without Iron for men)- Same as the above minus the Iron as men usually cover this in their diet and can cause liver damage with too much.

3- Uber Mag Px: Magnesium is similar to Zinc, as it assists with many functions of the human body including detoxification, better quality sleep, stable mood, muscle recovery and growth, healthy Testosterone levels, cardiovascular health and brain function.

4- Fish Oil EPA-DHA 720: Assists in detoxification, the increase in healthy fats helps with counteracting bad fats from fast food (they cause toxicity), helps with brain function and fat loss.

This is a topic that I’m really passionate about because whether or not you have fitness goals, this will impact you in some way and even if you don’t implement all the changes I have mentioned, even implementing 1 or 2 things means you are one step closer to a more healthy, less toxic body.

Post by Amy Freeman, a Strength and Conditioning Coach from New Zealand and currently a Personal Trainer at Inspire Pure Fitness in Kuwait.

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  1. Abdul says:

    i grew up in Kuwait,and i was a heavywiehgt chanpion,but then i cracked down on my fat with exausting exercises and looked like a kid,so now i gained little to look normal have average wieght.

    • Amy Freeman says:

      Great to hear your so health conscious. Great work finding a balance!

      • a says:

        ‘Kuwaiti’ isn’t an ethnicity. There are Black Kuwaitis and White Kuwaitis. The same way there are Black Americans and White Americans.

        ‘Kuwaiti’ is just a nationality, just like ‘American’ is a nationality.

  2. me says:

    The ratio of females to males here is 4:1?
    Does this include “males who have female body shapes”?

    • Marcel says:

      Age structure
      0–14 years: 25.8% (male 348,816; female 321,565)
      15–64 years: 72.2% (male 1,153,433; female 720,392)
      65 years and over: 2% (male 25,443; female 25,979) (2011 est.)

      Gender ratio
      at birth: 1.047 male(s)/female
      under 15 years: 1.04 male(s)/female
      15–64 years: 1.79 male(s)/female
      65 years and over: 1.65 male(s)/female
      total population: 1.54 male(s)/female (2011 est.)

    • Amy Freeman says:

      I was told It was the population of Kuwait as a whole rather than specific ethnicity :)

      • me says:

        Thanks a lot for replying :)
        Although I find it difficult to verify the effectiveness of most supplements through scientific studies, I still tend to get myself a fancy box of vitamins, or those miraculous fish oil capsules from time to time hoping those would have anything more than a placebo effect!!
        Saying that, I find this post very interesting, especially that almost everyone talks about experiencing the symptoms that you mentioned here (weight gain, laziness…) I hope that some REAL scientific studies could clarify what actually causes this..

      • Marcel says:

        Conclusion: don’t believe everything they tell you.

        Population 2,695,316 (July 2013 est.)

        note: includes 1,291,354 non-nationals

        Age structure 0-14 years:
        25.6% (male 358,415/female 330,467)
        15-24 years: 15.4% (male 228,147/female 187,035)
        25-54 years: 52.3% (male 896,693/female 514,196)
        55-64 years: 4.5% (male 70,863/female 51,660)
        65 years and over: 2.1% (male 27,995/female 29,845) (2013 est.)

        Sex ratio
        at birth: 1.05 male(s)/female
        0-14 years: 1.09 male(s)/female
        15-24 years: 1.22 male(s)/female
        25-54 years: 1.75 male(s)/female
        55-64 years: 1.4 male(s)/female
        65 years and over: 0.96 male(s)/female

        total population: 1.43 male(s)/female (2013 est.)

        • Mrs. Mohammad says:

          I too disagree with the ratio, even within just the Kuwaiti population, based on the last census results by Kuwait itself.

          Check the pdf file called: Estimated Mid-year Population by Nationality & Sex 2002-2005 on the link below. Slightly more women than men in the Kuwaiti group, but when counting non-Kuwaitis, women are way outnumbered as a whole. And while this data is from 2005 and there could be a large increase in the female population, I doubt it made it to a 4:1 ratio.

      • Sumsang says:

        The population as a whole due to the influx of foreign workers. This has nothing to do with the so called ‘toxicity’ that you speak of. You try to sound scientific, but you come out as a tarot card reader. Seriously, so much of your ‘information’ is glaringly wrong.

      • a says:

        ‘Kuwaiti’ isn’t a specific ethnicity.

  3. Elena says:

    Hi,great read and great advise from Amy! where can I buy the The Poliquin Supplements in Kuwait ? Thanks!

  4. True Story says:

    What are alternative to supplements that I can incorporate into my eating routine (dont want to say “diet”) if I want to avoid talking pills/shakes? I have noticed at some of the gyms, the lockerrooms have become cocktail bars for supplements (many people making protien shakes, popping pills, etc.) and that makes me feel uneasy…

    • Amy Freeman says:

      Start with just cleaning up your nutrition from processed food and maybe try adding wheatgrass, or a powdered greens drink post workout.

      • True Story says:

        Thank you! As a born-again “healthy person”, i look forward to your posts for tips!

      • Seaduke says:

        what is the difference between processed food and supplement which contains everything in it?
        you suggest cutting processed food but you encourage the usage of supplements while people could get same stuff by eating natural stuff.

  5. Scheller says:

    Where can I find glass water bottles in Kuwait?

  6. Kuwait says:

    Dear Amy, welcome first of all.

    Great start and I felt your post was just for me. I’ve been working out like crazy for the last 6 months but every time I look in the mirror, I feel there’s something amiss.

    I do weights (chest, biceps, arms) follwed by ab crunches (sit-ups). I end with a 15min intense cardio – I’m in the gym 3 or 4 times a week.

    Thankfully I have a broad chest but I feel by thighs could be ‘narrower’? Is there something specific you would recommend?

    Good luck to you and looking forward to the rest of your posts.

  7. susan G says:

    I was wondering why we lose weight on every extended break from Kuwait. Thank you, Amy. Are these the name brands of the supplements or a specific purchase?

  8. David says:

    Is any of this backed up by actual science?

    And a female to male ratio of 4:1? Is that in a parallel universe? That kind of unbelievably glaring inaccuracy makes me wonder about the accuracy of the rest of the information.

  9. Neo says:

    Great Post Amy !

    Looking forward to the next one.

  10. Indian_geek says:

    Question: does cycling help as a workout.

  11. Milan says:

    Ineresting article. There is really something here making persons coming from abroad change their metabolism. But it s not clear from the text what toxicity is it all about? Can it be specified and backed up by some valid data?

  12. pickles says:

    First, Thank you for writing the article.

    But you got many claims with no backup. Plastic bottles release toxins ? what type of “plastic” ? So are we supposed to drink tap water ? most homes have “PVC” piping, which is also a plastic, so toxins are released into water before it gets out of the faucet and into the toxin free glass bottle.

    also half of the solutions you presented, consists of taking man-made pills from plastic bottles….

  13. Khaled says:

    The 4:1 female to male ratio is a ridiculous myth. The female to male ratio in Kuwait is 1:1. Actually, males are slightly more. Dont believe me? Check out the Ministry of Planning statistics. Its on their website.

  14. Good_Guy says:

    It seems Article is full of factual errors. Generalizing whole of ME region is also not good idea. How can you put Kuwait and say Yemen in same category?

  15. Khalid says:

    Well that’s a nice surprise. Go Ames! Looking forward your other articles!

  16. Seaduke says:

    you should deepen your search about fish oil lady.
    if you keep using fish oil in long term, it damages your body.people should better eat fishes or other recources of same stuff and get them from natural way instead of choosing artificial supplements.please correct me if i am mistaken.

  17. Buzz says:

    People drink water from plastic bottles in Europe too (Evian, Vittles to name a couple). They are usually the first thing you see when you enter the supermarket. Even in countries with super clean, drinkable tap water, like Switzerland, they drink bottled water. Plus, no gym in the world will allow glass bottles in.

    I think men and women are generally fat in Kuwait because they consume an inordinate amount of processed junk food and, outside of gym rats, they live a super-sedentary lifestyle.

  18. MDZ says:

    Thanks for the post Amy, and while I generally agree with your comments about maintaining general health and well-being; unfortunately, your post is riddled with inaccuracies and makes assumptions that can only be referred to as “broscience”.

    I see this with a lot of personal trainers in Kuwait, who simply have no idea about how exercise and nutrition affect one’s body. There are a lot of variables when it comes to gaining weight or trying to attain/maintain your ideal body. While I don’t have time to point out every inaccuracy, I would like to point out a few glaring ones in order of their appearance:

    “You eat well, you exercise at least 3 times per week, sometimes you may even use a trainer, but no matter how hard you train and how clean your diet is, getting those desired results you are working so hard for is so damn hard.”

    First off, exercising “3 times per week” and “clean diet” can mean very different things for different people and the whole premise of your post is based on this wishy-washy assumption. There is simply no substitute for discipline and a properly tailored exercise/diet regimen. Master these, and you will get your results, in “toxic” Kuwait or in Timbuktu.

    “He said ‘KUWAIT! Hmmm, I’ve been asked to go do courses in the Middle East and turned them down because of how toxic it is, that’s your culprit right there. He then went on to explain to me that with so much toxicity entering the body, the pathways for nutrients and hormones get blocked by toxicity bonds that attach to fat cells which causes stubborn fat, like cellulite, that is hard to break down.”

    This is by far the most outrageous claim of your post. I already know the answer to this, but am happy to be corrected on it, but is there even peer-reviewed article that backs up this claim? This must be a new area of physiology that I have never heard of, and quite frankly would make anyone with an understanding of human physiology laugh. Also, linking cellulite to this “toxicity” is ludicrous.

    “Low Testosterone in men causes a lower sperm count. Men with a lower sperm count are more likely to father girls. There are a significantly larger proportion of Females in Kuwait than Males. Last I was told the ratio of females to males here is 4:1.”

    Your 4:1 claim has already been bunked above, and as a result, the claim about low testosterone fails.

    “3- Most people drink out of plastic bottles, which have Pseudo Estrogens, which act as female hormones when they enter our body.”

    Nonsense; please do some research before making such claims; this has been thoroughly researched.

    “4- Almost every Bio Signature I have done on men and woman in Kuwait has shown their first priority (highest reading) as their Hamstring (at the top of the back of the leg). The Estrogen Sight of the body.”

    I assume you mean “site” and fat deposits on this site. How fat deposits in various parts of the body can be related to varying hormones, whose levels vary naturally with age, not with the magical “toxins” you refer to. Ever wonder why Sly Stallone takes HGH? Not because he lives in toxic LA, but because at his age, his body will not produce enough testosterone.

    I generally do agree with your recommendation to take fish oils and supplements, but unfortunately, your explanations are based on pseudo-science and cannot be taken seriously. I suggest thorough research before you make another misleading post.

    • 7th says:

      The name of that site doesn’t sound like it would be something reliable but it isn’t working anyway. – Connection failed
      Error code 20
      The proxy failed to connect to the web server, due to TCP connection timeout.

  19. Rakan says:

    4 to 1 ratio! that means it’s true the evidence we need to go out there and marry 4 women! But they have to be the non-toxic kind, thank you very much.

  20. Fahad says:

    Thanks for the post Amy, I encourage you to look up “Confirmation bias”

    Confirmation bias is a tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions, leading to statistical errors.

    To quote from the post: “After hearing this I started to notice things in Kuwait that backed up his claims”

  21. MDZ says:

    One more thing; I am sorry to do this, but it has to be mentioned.

    You claimed that “The Poliquin Supplements in my opinion are the best in the world hands down, I love them, my clients love them and for me that’s a home run. (No I’m not affiliated with them I just love their products)”.

    I fully understand that you do not directly benefit from promoting these products, but its safe to say that you indirectly benefit from it. You are a “BioSignature Practicioner”; whose creator is none other than Charles Polinquin of Polinquin Supplements. Therefore, this akin to cross-promotion, where promoting one product indirectly promotes the other.

    Perhaps your intention is not to directly benefit from promoting Polinquin Supplements, but its clear that BioSignature indirectly benefits from these products, which may bolster your BioSignature certification.

    Bottom line: I do not think that you can make the statement “I’m not affiliated with them I just love their products”.

    • pickles says:

      Dayummm, this dude is good, I like you

    • NS says:

      I’m happy that (MDZ) comments were the most responsible to this blog. About Amy’s concerns, I believe she had good intention but studying this subject for two years and trying to bring New Zealand to Kuwait unfortunately is not enough to be taken seriously. Today, USA consumers are suffering of all the discoveries about hidden Chinese / Indian pharmaceutical made whether diet or real medication. It is a long discussion and articles to be read before you swallow all these supplements. Please make sure also not to follow Dr. OZ as he is becoming a number one sales man. Follow your body needs

      For women as I’m female myself, Kuwait 40 years ago didn’t realize that iron/ folic acid/ all supplement should not be recommended before blood work to be analyzed in details if any which 80% of Mediterranean had anemic called: Thalessemia which I discovered it in my old age. So iron supplements almost ruined my liver.

      Today it is almost world wide with the mixed marriage have to be checked for this. Babies 1 year old could be checked from their toes. Please, don’t give your self real toxic by taking iron from here or there, which by the way FDA doesn’t approve, any supplements at all. A pregnant woman needs the folic acid with doctors’ permission only. Another hint American is discovering also all these green drinks hurting than helping. May I say you are lucky in Kuwait at least getting a lot of organic food except the processed food of General Mills/Kraft ++ more to be careful eating them except if many brands lately have third party to verify their products under: NON-GMO Project. You can Google all these info I wrote about in easy.

      Also this company:

      You want to tell me you want Kuwaiti to look like muscles people which is not healthy for the body like some one blowing a bag by force. Just as MDZ said eat well exercise moderately and live happy. I hate to see the WEST taking over you as I call my fellow American BRAIN WASHED society.

      Here good explanation about BPA, some companies lately add BPA Free on their canned food labels.

      As usual thank you Mark at least you are trying to educate people and at the end who ever makes purchases of these products THEY can’t and shouldn’t blame any one except themselves. Save your money and go shop for fresh fish. :)

  22. Meshx86 says:

    Interesting post, same symptoms, i agree on the toxic part, but there are many other major causes, i am from Jordan, and whenever i go there, despite i eat much than here, i loose more weight:

    1. AC’s (Air Conditioning): AC is one of the main causes of laziness, allergies, unstable sleep, i lived in 3 different places in Kuwait, and in each place, the AC behaved differently that my body had to adapt with that, i rarely use AC when i go on vacation, i have stable sleep, feel more active, less nasal issue.

    2. Kuwait is Flat: jogging, walking or cycling, Kuwait is flat country, actually physically, if you are moving an object (your self) with 0 angle, your “work” in physics is 0, Jordan’s terrain is not, helps burning fats better.

    3. in Kuwait everything is easy: i never thought in my life that i could call the grocery, tell him what i want, and he’ll bring it to my apartment FOR FREE ! was Yogurt for lunch, or Doritos & Coke for movie night, you name it, even the feaken dry-cleaner would take my clothes from my apartment and returned them back without extra charges, it is honestly addictive, back home, the grocery does not have a land line telephone or dedicated mobile, and am sure if i asked him if i can get my stuff brought to house, he will middle finger the phone’s Mic.

    4. Food’s Technology and Variety: deliciousness and variety of food nature due to expats environment, now i know more of Indian, Chinese,Iranian, or what ever country you name it, even junk food, back home McDonalds was it, here, Johnny Rockets and you’ll need a Catheter.

    5. Food is Cheap (May Allah Save the Grace for Kuwait and it’s people): who thought of one pack of LU prince for 800 fils, Papa Johns or Dominos Pizza great offers, i recall Mister Baker and Sable competing on small Cake Pieces for 200 fils at one point (now 400), all this count, no sales tax, no service tax, the price on the menu is what you get on the bill, a relief for your budget when you try a new restaurant, photographs of dishes are so much tempting, moving on..

    6. unstable food routine: due to my job nature, i can’t guarantee what type of food i can eat tomorrow, or whether or not i’ll be free to eat it, sometimes i spend more than 16 hours on tea and coffee, and .. creaaaaaaaaaaaamed coffe..

    so combine all the above factors, plus toxic, plus dusty & hot days stay at home, or go to the mall and .. EAT ! malls are big food court and fashion shops, adding that in Kuwait, it is very difficult to move around without a car, you want to go the beach ? drive it, you want to go to the walk way ? drive it too, i know it is not an excuse, but having each place surrounded with high ways makes it difficult for long runs.

  23. Reem says:

    I have to disagree with this post info I’m afraid! Toxicity? That exists all over the world wherever there is pollution and man made elements! I have lived both equally in the U.K and Kuwait…..and my lifestyle and diet is exactly the same in both places. I weighed 55kg in London and have actually shifted to 52kg now in Kuwait……and that is with anaerobic weight training interval training I will add. Really, it just boils down to diet – portion control, healthy options and eating the right foods at the right time. Exercise – the body requires variation of anaerobic training, weights, cardio and flexibility in order to be at its best, plus in honest truth…..aging effects and slows the system as well as genetics and luck….plus if someone has diabetes, pcos or thyroid issues.

  24. aaa says:

    Body types that you’re referring to are related to ethnicity more than testosterone. Testosterone is also related to body + facial hair, and Arab men AND women are generally much hairier than others.

    The 4:1 birth ratio is TOTALLY off. It would be worldwide breaking news if there was a 4:1 sex ratio at birth.

    This post really does seem largely like “Bro Science” as someone earlier referred to it and none of the claims seem to have sources.

    Bit disappointing that Mark would let something so inaccurate be posted on his site, especially because this sort of thing reeks of advertisement

    • Mark says:

      You should know by now I don’t post advertisements on the blog. The link to the supplements is a direct link and not an affiliates link.

      Amy favors a certain brand of supplements, that isn’t out of the ordinary, every trainer I had favored a certain brand. I personally favor two brands of supplements, VPX and Universal Nutrition. If I ever mention them on the blog it wouldn’t be because I’m getting a cut from their sales but because I like these brands.

      Many people have posted questions and doubts in the comments above and thats fair. I’m sure when Amy is back on the computer she will go through them and try to answer all of them.

  25. aaa says:

    Also a bit shady that when you google “Bio Signature Practicioner” the first thing you get as a result are the Poliquin supplements you recommended… except we’re supposed to believe it’s a coincidence and you’re not affiliated

  26. Reem says:

    @aaa, Arab men and women DO NOT have more hair than other ethnicities. It has to do with testosterone levels as you previously mentioned…..that does not mean we have more testosterone than other people. Arabs just have thicker, darker hair that is visible to see in comparison to light, fair hair that is just as thick!

    • jiminy says:

      mmmmh well this is both true and not true. of COURSE Arab men and women have more hair than most ethnicities – most of east asia for example. and probably more than most of the western world and africa. But probably comparable to mediterranean countries and the Indian subcontinent.

  27. Ahmed says:

    I feel if anything, people in Kuwait just don’t move around too much. Every other country/city that you are in, you constantly have to move around by walking a few blocks at a time. You are always on your feet. Even when on vacation, you’re actively trying to do things throughout the day, and moving while you do so.

    So when you couple that with the fact that everyone in Kuwait usually goes out for the sole purpose of eating, you will end up with a more obese and more estrogen infused society.

  28. B says:

    …why are some of the above comments so aggressive? You don’t have to agree but you also don’t have to be rude.

    Great article Amy! ;)

  29. Z says:

    I need clarification, if possible. In the article it just says “toxicity” it doesn’t go beyond, what are talking about here? What’s the key culprit? Plastic is identified but that’s an issue everywhere in the world neurotoxins are present everywhere. So I guess my question is what makes Kuwait toxic, what hard evidence is there?

  30. Andrew says:

    Great, well written article Amy

  31. Matt says:

    The millions of depleted uranium rounds shot into Kuwait probably do not help with the toxicity issue. The rounds and the surrounding sand/dirt are continually being dug up due to construction and road building. There is no conclusive evidence that it is a public health issue, but you do not need to be MD to know it can’t be good.

  32. Becareful says:

    To make a long story shorter

    im a naturopath in training, with experience with multiple holistic healing methods as well as nutrition. Ayurveda, western herbalism, homeopathy , nutrition are but a few.. This article is so dissapointing.

    the information presented in this article is flawed, vague and biased. Also the recommendation of specific supplements from a particular brand causes one to suspect further. In fact its laughable at this point..

    Your supplement recommendations are not great, and dont take into account bioavailibility amongst other factors. If you are eating right you dont need to take any artificial supplements. you also didnt take into account body PH. the eat your green recommendation stating “help break the bonds of the toxins so they break down the fat”… are you kidding me… ? There are much more efficient ways to break down fats such as switching the type of fats (MCT for example).

    Again my biggest concern is your 4th recommendation “take supplements to help your body detoxify” this is so flawed… take zinc? this country eats plenty of red meat , and nuts , and we have great sea food . why not just encourage more of that????

    Your multi intense recommendation… none local produce lacks nutrients? what?? you mention iron? plenty of real food sources, Black chickpeas, spinach.. list goes on. or how about just cooking in an old fashioned cast iron pan (like i do) to ensure your intake is not compromised. I looked at the ingredients on this one.. if it was as easy as just popping a pill to get all the vitamins and antioxidants we need, lol.. oh amy…

    You mention magnesium supplementation in a country that loves its dates, its chocolate and once again nuts… madame i must say… you are beginning to sound like a typical sales rep.

    This fish oil is a total joke, go look up nutrasea for example , high quality molecular distillation with a bach number on the front of each bottle where you can look it up online. They also have a high DHA formula for certain cases (pregnancy and such) and a very high EPA formula (for example best for inflammation and such).

    I understand you are really passionate about what you do but from what im reading here you should not be giving health advice of this nature to others… despite your good intentions.

    i tire of these new “bio energy ” healing mechanisms that keep reinventing themselves under new names. Mind you energetic healing is real and works, but the recommendations here are very amateur to say the least.

    and to hammer the final nail in the coffin, behold a pdf file showing the almighty biosignature modulation, please take note of the company logo uptop.

    Poliquin has always been and will always be a laughing joke in the alternative medicine community.

    Stay aware folks…

  33. Reem says:

    Becareful thanks for your input! I find your advice really helpful and is clarified!

  34. Susan Gomez says:

    Hi Amy, Thanks for shedding some light on why it’s difficult to lose weight in Kuwait. I have a few questions related to my weight issues and it’s rather personal.

    I’ve entered my email id. If you could contact me, I’d very much appreciate your advise on a few important questions I have. Thank you and looking forward to interesting posts and guidance from you on health and weight management.

  35. Amy Freeman says:

    Hey I just want to clarify:
    Yes I am poliquin educated (poliquin center is a training center for strength and conditioning qualifications.
    I do not work for poliquin and am not personally affiliated other than having the qualification.
    I suggest the supplements only because I believe in them and My reason for doing this blog is to help people, that’s all my intention is.

    Thanks guys

  36. Anamika Choudhury says:

    Low sperm count does not mean mem father girls… Silly myth. There’s no scientific evidence on that.

  37. Becareful says:

    @7th: i understand your need to post that, and based on what the market offers as remedies and how marketing has been twisted nowadays i dont blame you..This industry is hard to navigate around nowadays.. and for the most part can be considered poorly produced sugar pills.. however..

    before i type the below understand im not a homeopath (see above post for some of my background), but i employ it amongst various tools and as much as i have tried to discredit it in the past few years. in the right hands with properly prepared remedies its hard to deny the results im seeing in humans as well as animals.

    @ud: homeopathy like this post itself can be very dangerous in a sense. Some folks rely on it for very serious diseases without considering other alternatives which can be risky if treated by a novice.

    just to clarify:

    Modern homeopathy violates the very properties of classical homeopathy (single remedy) , and rely on compounds of many remedies marketed torwards specific ailments. This is not what homeopathy is about…. One must take into account certain things such as constitution which only a good practitioner can help with. Good REAL remedies are also very hard to find, the best online source for kuwait IMO, would be ainsworths in london UK (really old reputable company) or Thompsons in Canada.

    In any case this isnt me trying to up sell homeopathy at all just clarifying.

    and UD just to touch on the specific product “HCG homeopathy drops” , what utter nonsense this product is , please avoid.. I looked at its formulation and am unable to believe my eyes at this point.. Its a compound (see above) and VERY oddly formulated. Ive seen alot of compounds before this is by far the most ridiculous.

    There are plenty of REAL ways to drop your weight, in my experience Ayurveda is KING for weight loss.

    and @ amy : i expected a bit more in terms of “clarification”. Lets assume for a second that supplementation is the key (and its not, please see my above post) Its unfortunate that you believe so strongly in the supplements produced by your “training center”, without proper research.

    Just the fish oil as an example, shows how the product you recommended is not even close to bieng considered amongst the finest..And you make no attempt to mention natural alternatives to source in this case : zinc , magnesium and Iron. Once again Bioavailibility? hello?

    id like to state i do believe that you care about your health and others and i do believe your intentions are pure, unfortunately your “educator” is severely biased and the products they push through their graduates such as yourself through misinformation and preying on peoples hopes is something i find hard to swallow.

    Stay informed folks, do your research , and you will debunk this post very quickly..

    • Sumsang says:


      Science is amazing, isn’t Amy?

    • Sumsang says:

      Just to add, the fact that you thought Kuwait’s population was 4:1 female is unbelievable, and shows a total lack of critical thinking on your part. This number is insane. China is facing a monumental imbalance problem and their ratio 1:1.1 (more males than females).

      Yes Kuwait’s population as a whole might be close to 4:1, but that is because the overwhelmingly majority of foreign workers are males who are here without their families.

      I would be very wary about taking health advice from someone who would accept and repeat such a ‘fact’ to sell some magic pills.

      I don’t actually think that you will get any money from supplement sales. I just think that you drank too much of a kool aid (you’re Kiwi, so you might want to look that up).

      • Becareful says:

        @sumsang thanks for the support.

        however no need to be rude with the kool aid comment.

        agreed shes most likely not making any royalties or anything from recommending the products her “trainers” sell. This is just a case of a passionate person who is misinformed.

        • Sumsang says:

          ‘Drinking the Kool aid’ isn’t rude at all. It means exactly a misinformed person who actually believes what they are doing. Nothing rude about it in the slightest bit.

    • ud says:

      Can u suggest any effective ayurveda product available in the market for weight loss? Thanks.

      • Amy Freeman says:

        I suggest finding a PT or coach you trust and for weight loss start with a healthy diet and regular exercise to help reach your fitness goals, there are also many formats online that can help with keeping you motivated if you don’t want to hire a PT/coach. Personally, I’m not a big fan of ‘weightloss pills’ as a quick fix.

      • Becareful says:


        Its not about the “product” or the “pill”.. this isnt what true weight loss is about. As such there is no ayurvedic “product” .

        Ayurveda is a lifestyle prescription , it involves numerous steps including a pulse diagnosis to figure out your constitution , a specific diet tailored to your constitution (and the season) , herbs,exercise (mainly yoga), pranayama (breathing exercises), panchakarma (a detox kind of therapy) if necessary , etc…

        I dont live in kuwait otherwise id help but try to find a legitimate practitioner in kuwait. given how large the indian community is , you can probably find one.

        Im training to be a practitioner in ayurveda myself and am nearly there.

        this system of healing again is KING for weight loss.

  38. dougmacho says:

    People are affected differently, this article is a good clue for me as to what has been happening to me.

    I was in Germany last month for 2 weeks, I ate all the junk food i could find and i LOST week. Plus i used to run and swim quite a bit with little results, ran about 20-25 miles a week for almost 3 months.

    So of course people are affected differently by toxins, thats a given.

  39. Amy Freeman says:

    Im glad there is so much discussion around ths topic i just want to remind you guys that this being a blog, means that this post is an opinion piece based on my observations, experiences and then tied together with my education. My hope is that some people would relate to my experiences and it would create awareness. Of course some wont relate but as i see it has still got a great discussion going on so thats great all the same.

    thanks for reading guys :)

    • MDZ says:

      Amy, science is not about opinion and anecdotal experiences, it’s about rigorous research and study. You are certainly entitled to your own opinions, but when you present your opinions as scientific fact, which by the way are contrary to any accepted scientific principles, it makes you look ridiculous.

      For example, as a defense of your “opinions” you posted a piece written by the “Poliquin Group Editorial Staff” about Mark Schauss’s assertion that toxins are causing obesity. This guy makes this assertion without any legitimate scientific research. In fact, after your post, I researched this guy and he has never published a piece of scientific literature in his life (self-published books don’t count as scientific literature)! His qualifications are an “MBA and DB”. I haven’t figured out what the “DB” is! For someone to be making such bold claims, I would at least expect some legitimate research from someone who is associated with a legitimate research institution. Also, turns out this guy is on Poliquin/BioSignature’s payroll, where he gives classes. Are you telling me that you do not see anything fishy about this?

      I am sure that you mean well, but the way I see it, you have been sold a whole bunch of bogus claims, and you sincerely believe it. As a result, you have unknowingly become a marketing asset for them. But please, don’t be surprised if you are called out on it by someone with a fair understanding of science and the human body. Just because people relate to any of your opinions does not mean that any of your assertions have any scientific basis anywhere in the world.

  40. Becareful says:

    Opinion or not, your post makes many lifestyle recommendations that are based on assumptions. Also many of your facts, are in fact untrue.

    Polyquins training is based on intensive seminars from my understanding.. Level 1 taking 3 days.. and Level 2 , 2 days. So with 5 days training and 1750$ you can be polyquin certified.

    You seem to have no issue replying to comments that praise your post, however the few of us that actually raised legitimate concerns with actual facts have yet to be responded to.

    Im sure you are a great fitness instructor, and its clear once again you are a passionate person dedicated to health, however this doesnt necessarily mean that you know what you are talking about :)

    with all due Respect..

  41. Becareful says:

    @ Amy,

    MDZ’s most latest post (Found a few posts above) pretty much summarizes what i was about to type up.

    Theres no nice way to say this i suppose but you, like many others before you have been taken advantage of due to your passion for health and are for lack of a better term “brain washed” it seems.

    Take the time to research some of the information MDZ and myself have presented and you will quickly realize how embarassing your post is..

    Again i dont mean to be hard but it seems a little bit of a wake up call is needed.

    I noticed from a bit of online research that you state you are passionate about nutrition, yet you mention supplements before food sources………..

    Please stop spreading disinformation under the guise of “health tips”

  42. Becareful says:

    the worst part is i just noticed some folks will be contacting you for more health advice after this post..


  43. NS says:

    From my quick reading to this article by Amy, I noticed all the talk about who is right and who is wrong. There are many problems to the exposure of the Internet. Some latest articles recommend to the public not to follow too much of any info by diagnosing their own conditions as well many cured their conditions by such contents. SO we as an adult we have responsibility to follow what is suiting our bodies. IF we fail as I said in previous comment then it is the individual mistake, even I don’t endorse or felt of any of Amy’s comment were healthy to have some private people to contact her which should be taken as being ignorant and they are taking the risk of what we call it SCAM. TV ads in US always warn consumers of such scams.

    I know decades ago some Kuwaiti or other nationalities who feel shy or been bullied because of their weight. This issue is a world wide suffering and I can’t understand such impact except I sympathy their feelings reaching out to any outlet to vent their emotional stress. IF, Amy who knows she can help people one on one recommending her NOT to use any other supplements before who ever contact her check with their own doctor. WE don’t need another dying people like US crazy taker of what we call OTC means “Over The Counter” no need for doctor prescription which amaze me how many stuff you can buy easy.

    Unfortunately, even doctors in USA have hardly clues about their own patients. The point that I want to address that Kuwaitis are different built than UAE, or Lebanese or Moroccan like USA we are all different ancestor and 70% of our bodies diseases or structure hereditary which should be taken in consideration. This is why you will see some Chinese elect to go to Chinese doctors. I myself choose either Indian or I interview the doctor who is willing to talk with me about my past and today diet like a smart person.

    We, Middle Eastern are lucky that we eat better diet if we care. If any individual walk normally, park your car far from the office, eat well balanced food NO many snacks in between, drink enough water, 15-30 minutes moderate exercise every other day—- NO soda, fast food—-etc as we should know our limits according to our body not Amy’s or any one else. You find within same family siblings who is fat/thin/OK because each individual had different metabolism as well hormones, when I say etc – meaning you don’t want me to include thousands of links.

    I believe now we all got the message and just in brief I hope NO one get in touch with Amy on a personal level. I recall decades ago I used to encourage my Kuwaiti friends to look what we have around before getting all the excitement of the West. At the end it is all about the $$$$.

    Not to forget any pills go through your body will eventually damage your liver/kidney and God knows. Smile and be happy which will reduce the stress. By the way belly dancing is becoming another exercise in America even for men, check you tube. So get off your butt and shake it :)
    A fictitious name means any name under which a person transacts business in this state, other than his legal name. Business means any enterprise or venture in which a person sells, buys, exchanges, barters, deals, or represents the dealing in any thing or article of value, or renders services for compensation. Legal name means a person’s given name, or an entity that has been properly registered. Examples: trademarks, service marks, corporations, limited partnerships.​}​

    To my discovery who endorsed this, watch out this doctor: (( Here is what the experts say about BioSignature​)) Honestly is the worst to follow as this doctor when he goes on this TV evangelical channel then what we consider in US is a cult to be careful. Don’t ask why, this Pat Robertson is a big shot in US,,, money talks and who ever goes on his TV I won’t trust at all. I don’t want to turn it into politic. Might Amy herself doesn’t know except for me now I might doubt her work in Kuwait then going back to New Zealand to come back through very sneaky job. After all who knows. Thank you Mark !!??— assuming their hidden agenda is exposed. The rest people should be smart to navigate this Internet better.


    Mark Schauss: IS he a medical doctor or history Phd??

  44. NS says:

    Sorry I forgot to add the link why I said if this guy a history teacher :

  45. Stu says:

    wtf is “Bro Science”?

  46. Zee says:

    I’m sorry but I stopped taking you seriously after reading this:
    “Low Testosterone in men causes a lower sperm count. Men with a lower sperm count are more likely to father girls. There are a significantly larger proportion of Females in Kuwait than Males. Last I was told the ratio of females to males here is 4:1.”

    Lower sperm count doesn’t affect gender at all…it just decreases fertility in general, which Kuwaiti families don’t have a problem with el7amdilla, with families with 10-20 kids in them.

    Followed by a load of rubbish about Kuwait’s “toxicity”…how is anyone in Kuwait healthy if the atmosphere is working against them?

    Most people who work out and diet without seeing results simply haven’t put much thought into their diet/exercise routines. Once they educate themselves about what constitutes “healthy” and start logging their meals and workouts, the kilos magically start melting off. There are a lot of traps for people trying to lose weight in things marketed as “healthy”, which are actually loaded with processed sugars and excess fat.

  47. Modhayan says:

    Uhhhh… No.
    I don’t think I should rely on neither the information nor the argument of this post.

    Search on Amazon for the following book: “Writing Scientific Research Articles: Strategy and Steps”

    I think it will do you a favor, especially if you want to write more objective articles in the future.

  48. EdwardCese says:

    Hi I’m new here. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I’m wondering if anyone has tried Athletic Greens for their green drink? I’m finding most either taste gross or cause my stomach to revolt.

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