New Bidaa’a/Rumaithiya fitness trail

Post by Mark

I’ve seen this trail while driving by on the Gulf Road but had no idea there was a multicolored track. [YouTube]

Thanks Fahad

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  1. Acerboy says:

    This is awesome !! so today all ur post are related to exercise/health :D

    • Mark says:

      It’s not deliberate it just happens sometimes when I post about a subject and then get 3 posts on the same subject after that. Really weird.

  2. Kuwait says:

    Great initiative by the people/mayor of the area. Hope other localities follow suit.

  3. Nixon says:

    Mark is back!
    i think its good but a bit small

  4. NS says:

    Question Mark, I recall you have this May 2012:
    Al-Bidaa Roundabout Improvement

    Both pictures/ youtube didn’t show enough. So what happened with Q Al-Ghanim Estate was exactly on the one side of the Bidaa Roundabout of the extending of the gulf street. Is it still there. Just wondering the man loves their privacy. May be I should send some old pictures to publish. I need to go through them or get permission first.

    • Mark says:

      I completely forgot about that roundabout improvement. There isn’t any sign of it happening so it must have gotten canceled or put on the back burner.

      How old are the photos, I’m curious to check them out.

  5. NS says:

    I have to check between 1970 to 1982 different time. May be next week I will get them out then send you some to your e-mail address because I also need to take like copy by iPhone.

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