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Last week a user in the forum posted asking for legal advice. His brother was accused of shoplifting and needed some legal advice. I asked my lawyer friend to look at his question and then it gave me an idea, how about Kuwait law related posts on this blog? Starting from today my friend Fajer is going to be posting every now and then on this blog answering law related questions, she’s already started with the post below on shoplifting. If you have any law related questions you could contact her on [email protected] and we’ll be choosing the most interesting ones to answer on the blog. This should be interesting.

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Too bad the Kuwait Lawyers Association couldn’t have come up with that idea…. kudos to you, Mark. 🙂

I usually advise people to write to the Arab Times Legal Clinic. They are good about posting inquiries and responses. I’ll be referring people to you as well.


Such a wonderful idea, Mark and a fabulous choice! Fajer is a wonderful young woman and so dear to me. She’s intelligent, hard working, and an all around great person.

Looking forward to the legal posts!

Its a wonderful Idea… but shouldnt it be the most important questions rather than the interesting ones 😛

Fajer giving further boost to Mark’s blog and campaign and Mark finding her rich clients 8) ! One Achievement and everything falls into respective manner…

Do you know how much you get paid for consulting.

I’m against it, don’t give away free consulting make them pay for it.

I have aquestion relating to our new offer letters our company gave us the other day. One of our departments was told they are being changed to 40 hour work weeks. Is this legal to be working below the 48 hour work week? Also they are debating on changing those peoples vacation hours to less only because they work less than the 56 and 60 hour sections.
And one more thing, they said that they have the right to come to our non-company provided apartments and inspect our homes. Is this legal as well?

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