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Kuwait now the fattest country in the world

It took a lot of new burger joints and a lot of cupcakes but in the end we finally managed to top the list.

A round of double cheeseburgers on me! [Link]

Thanks Khalid

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Do this include expats? Cuz the UAE seems wrong to me, I dont recall seeing overweight emaratis ever, well you rarely see emaratis anyway.

Maybe we can blame the expats for this too….. Since they outnumber the citizens…. it’s their fault that we are the fattest country in the world . LOOOOOOOOL…. then we can go back to up-sizing our meals with a clean conscience…

Given that expats are blamed for everything else in Kuwait, I dont see why expats shouldnt be blamed for this as well 😀

Also note the numbers, men are overweight, women are obese, which is not surprising considering that all what a Kuwaiti woman does in life is eat.

They’re insane and there aren’t nearly as many Women’s as Men’s gyms. Mixed gyms are typically really expensive and not everyone lives close to one.

this is all because of you mark with all your burger posts n food reviews 😉

-Unhappiest country in the world.
-Unfriendiest count in the world.
-Fattest country in the world.

Next study will reveal:

-Dumbest country in the world.

No one should be offended at this point…


They don’t put a gun to your head and make you eat their food!

The newer franchises have large portions but they don’t make you eat it all before you pay the bill!

Everyone loves to eat tasty food, just don’t over do it!

people think with their “bottoms” rather than use their brain..

It’s really stupid to blame franchises lol..

they are lazy – and have nothing to do.. not much to do with burger joints they are other options too.
and lets not forget they are so many gyms popping up here.
i eat whatever i want and i go burn it off ok i can’t lose weight because what i burn is a lot less than what i eat.. but at least i can control it.

Look on the plus side ( pun intended )

Now would be a good time to…start a

– fitness center business,
– Burger joint,
– Dieting Center
– Plus size store
– Surgical place for Obesity related surgery only
– All of the above

large corporations take the hint…

guys i read through the source.
now i have a few doubts, i can understand and agree about kuwait being number 1, but it source lack a few major details are sporty,masculine, worked out ppl included in short if you are well buffed your BMI will be higher then normal, you go to any bmi measuring app/site, they will give you this warning.
so is this considered in survey
i got this doubt coz Australia is in list pretty high

Plus Australia used to be in the top 10 for obesity for a while, I’m actually stunned it’s not in it this time, we’ve got our fair share of hefty people.

We need a food tax. If you are fat you have to pay 50% of your food at restaurants and jam3iya to be donated to bangladesh feeding program.

with a cumalitive 5% increase each month you fail to lose 5% of your increased mass.

Not if they are going to base that off of BMI. BMI is ok for an average against a population, but it’s next to useless for individuals; for example, a scrawny guy with zero muscle and a pot-belly can be classed as healthy, whilst a guy with muscle that goes to the gym regularly can be classed as obese.

@MoBo yeh, scam on this blogsite. Maybe I should also bring up how irritating it is that you hug the middle lanes on major highways going 80KM. This, by the way, causes accidents also – if you want to drive 80KM, drive in the far right lane!I’m going have my horn level raised and I’m going to start blasting you out of the middle lane – you’ll see.

Expats has blocked roads with huge increase in traffic jams ! Hence people had to stop on way and eat triple cheese burgers and order another as take away because it would take further time to reach homes !

Next topic to discus at the next parliament session possibility of rationing fast food and restaurant dining for expats or permanently charging expats extra 30% on everything food related from your regular groceries to eating in restaurants.
Law makers fuzzy logic = Make it difficult for them to eat and they will cut down on their portions hence they will loose weight faster thereby loosing weight and concurrently leading to Kuwait slipping down the list of world fattest people. After all you cannot blame Kuwaitis on their own for being on the list; the makers of this list had to have taken into account the expats as well. And since they out number nationals 3 to 1 they are the major reason for the bad name.

@ meh ; I like your idea FATSO AIRLINES..

Maybe I can speak to some of my friends in the military who work in the procurement department and we can find an old C-130 or a Hercules cargo transport sitting on moth balls. We can gather a bunch of investors and start up a whole new type of flying specifically for fat people. Instead of seats we could have them fitted out with Lazy Boys and have a fully fitted electric grease grill for burgers and greasy food instead of boring regular airline food. Hell with all the space we have we can even super size the toilets.

I can see the adverts now .

Have you been laughed at because you are fat??
Have you heard this often

“Sorry but you must buy 2 or in your case 3 seats to accommodate your size??
” Our carrier insurance doesn’t cover heart attacks on fat people brought on by sudden coagulating of fat filled arteries due to sudden cabin pressure changes !!
or even this “Our crews are not body builders to lug your weight and can only perform CPR on persons up to a 80 Kg weight limit”

If your answer is yes to all the above then dont worry!! Wipe that frown of your face and smile FATSO Airlines is the answer to your prayers.

On our air crafts weight and size are literally not an issue. We offer you the very best lush and soft lazy boys to sink your big fat ass in. Our gourmet cooks trained in renowned greasy spoons from all over the world will offer you gourmet greasy treats in a extra large bowl. Our crew are specially trained to use motorized dolly’s to lug your weight around and in administering CPR to fat people and in the use of extra heavy duty defibrillators. And finally no more stairs to climb; all our air craft carry golf carts to cart your fat asses to and the terminal…

Come fly with us.. We know what you want. FATSO Airlines we cater to the MASSES en mass !!

@ meh hmmmm you are probably right LOL ..but then again Antonov’s are far cheaper; let me see what my Russian friends have in their bone yards 😉

@Matt . Smoking, drinking, loud burping,belly slapping ,belching you name it absolutely no issues on FATSO airlines we like to make the OBESE feel at EASE ..LOL

FATSO AIRLINES? Let me introduce you to Samoa Airways where you pay as you weigh. Yes, just like you pay for excess baggage, you get on the scale and pay according to your weight. Pssssst….don’t tell Jazeera Airways…..they may run with this idea since if I change my ticket they re-charge me full taxes again so then I pay double for taxes (scam) After I paid with the original booking for my seat charge and have yet to fly they re-charge for seating costs (scam).

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