BigMo – Clarification


Kuwaiti rapper BigMo who’s currently residing in Portland just released a new music video called “Clarification”. The new video was released to promote his upcoming album ‘Both Sides of the Sand’. Check it out above and if you like his music you can follow BigMo on [Facebook] or [Twitter]

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He’s quite good actually! And I’m normally a hater of everything Kuwaiti, but I can’t hate him.

I’m currently listening to nomadic 2? Elevator music is sick! i like how you blend jazzy feel to songs,with sick lyrical ability! do you have just one album ?

I released 5-6 tapes before I signed to an indie label in Portland. But I have 2 tapes out at and the album is coming soon, along with a plethora of other materials.

Mohammed Khaled Abdulhai Alkhadher Kaifan, block 1, went to Gov. school my whole life, moved to the US in 2008. Kuwaiti ‘w a9eel, don’t get it twisted.

BigMo, dude, you’re pretty good. It’s not the cheesy “I’m so paid and got bling” shit, and you have a nice flow to your rhymes. Keep the promos coming!

hands down the best Kuwaiti rapper out there… Mark posts about all sorts of Kuwiati talent but BigMo takes the prize for best Kuwaiti artist… Bar none…

Growing up in Kuwait you don’t come along too many rappers like BigMo he’s a poet of his generation and all Kuwaitis non Kuwaiti Arabs should be proud!!

Dont hate just cause you didn’t try

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