Kuwaiti Agency Produces Commercials for Etisalat Dubai

Post by Mark

With all the creative agencies available in Dubai, the Dubai based telecom operator Etisalat ended up going with a Kuwaiti one called Caviar for their latest series of commercials called “No More Drama”. You’ve probably seen some of Caviars work since they’ve done most of the NBK Ramadan commercials as well as a few old MTC (now called Zain) ones. Personally I didn’t like these Etisalat commercials but I still think its impressive how they were able to beat Dubai agencies to get this project. The video above is one of three “No More Drama” commercials, the other two are linked below.

No Drama Network – The Operator
No Drama Network – Mission Improbable


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  1. Querty Type says:

    I totally understand why a Dubai based company would go for Caviar. Local Talents.

    As much as the readers of this blog would hate to hear it. Kuwaitis working in media and creative agency are much more in tune with the GCC culture and trends, obviously.

    I hope more companies in Kuwait and other Gulf countries would use local talents as hire Kuwaiti operated agencies.

    And now, let the bashing start!

    • Mark says:

      True but in this specific case where is the GCC culture and trends?

    • mohamad80s says:

      Waw so your first reaction to that news is showing that your racist! nice! As far as I know Caviar does have expats and outsource.. anyway the right comment should’ve been great job keep up the good work!

  2. muhammad says:

    Well done Caviar
    Excellent commercials.

  3. Shadow says:

    Sorry, but this is just business nothing to do with GCC BS.
    If i wanted to show nationalism I would get about 500-1000 primary school kids jumping up and down on a stage.

    • Mark says:

      I think you missed his point. He was suggesting they used a Kuwaiti agency because a Kuwaiti would have a better understanding of what someone in the GCC would like, they bring local insights to the table which say a European or American wouldn’t be able to.

      But in this case they used a Kuwaiti company that ended up producing a very western commercial. Slap a T-Mobile logo instead of Etisalat at the end of the commercial and release it in the States and no one would think it originated in the Gulf.

      It lacks any local culture or trend.

      • bask says:

        Well said Mark! This has nothing to do with talent or insight. You worked in the Ad industry and u know how are RFPs handled and how businesses are won for most local companies. Someone knows someone who knows someone…..

        • Mark says:

          If I did think they were chosen because of wasta I wouldn’t have posted it as an achievement.

          • bask says:

            It is buddy, they didn’t win by merit. U worked at JWT and u know how both NBK & Zain where commissioned to them. So apart from them doing a good job or not, but their portfolio was not built on merit or tender, they are simply assigned through high level contacts. While other agencies take the burden to think and compete to win, they on the other hand cut short with a phone call.

  4. Ahmed says:

    I liked those commercials, they were entertaining and intersting, unlike some commercials that are just too boring or bland.

  5. Mister Westminister says:

    Great production, but that is a greater ape (genus Gorilla), not a “monkey”.

  6. Deema says:

    Haitham AL-Hajj the man behind caviar is simply a genius when it comes to commercials !

    • bask says:

      Genius? King Kong attacking the UAE and there is network on the phone? like seriously? does that make u want tomorrow to switch to Etisalat? does it even inspure anything with this cheap production. Look at this Mrs…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyD7HJQ7m3c if you insist on having apes for marketing, now tell me is Haitham a genius?

  7. zaydoun says:

    My 2 cents: Great production, horrendous “acting” and accents

  8. UNO says:

    i liked all the 3 commercials .

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