4 06, 2018

Not Enough Controversy

2018-06-04T10:58:05+03:00Jun 4, 2018|46 Comments

A friend shared the commercial above with me yesterday and my first reaction was wtf? In the commercial, a husband walks into a kitchen and starts screaming and hitting his wife for buying the wrong honey. The wife looks terrified and is being apologetic while the husband continues to shout at her before leaving the kitchen angrily.

The commercial got a lot of negative reactions for normalizing domestic violence so I assumed the brand removed the video from their Instagram account, except they didn’t.

Last week another friend of mine shared the screenshot above on her instastory which she took from a show on KTV called “Block” where they had a blackface character.

I don’t think I’m a very PC or an over sensitive person but, I do find it disturbing how the majority of people seem to be OK with this. I’m assuming the majority are ok with it or else the commercial would have been removed and the show would have apologized or been canceled for blackfacing. Yet neither has happened but oddly enough, the commercial below for Mug Coffee House was supposedly suspended by the Ministry because they found it Masonic. So bizarre.

22 02, 2018

Carriage National Day Commercial

2018-02-22T17:23:37+03:00Feb 22, 2018|13 Comments

It’s been a while since I shared a local commercial that I liked, but I just watched the Carriage national day commercial awhile ago and loved it.

Check it out above (it’s in Arabic). [YouTube]

20 06, 2017

‘Bou Salem’ Won a Bronze Lion at Cannes

2017-06-20T15:48:54+03:00Jun 20, 2017|5 Comments

Back in November, local creative firm Beattie + Dane launched a campaign for Al Munayes Tea called ‘Bou Salem’. It was a hilarious campaign where they created a fake candidate for the parliamentary elections and it ended up going viral pretty much overnight.

Well yesterday, Beattie + Dane won Bronze at the Cannes Lions festival for that campaign. Cannes Lions is to advertising what the Oscars are to movies, its the most coveted and well respected festival in the entire advertising and creative communications industry. Being shortlisted for a Lion is a huge accomplishment by itself, yet alone winning an actual award.

My favorite commercial from the ‘Bou Salem’ series is the one below where he day dreams while drinking his tea, but you should really watch the case study video on top first which explains the campaign and is in English.


29 05, 2017

Two Very Similar Commercials

2017-06-04T00:43:36+03:00May 29, 2017|10 Comments

The local Ramadan ad on top was released a couple of days ago, while the Egyptian Chipsy commercials below were released back in January. Notice any similarities?

Not only are the ideas very similar, but most of the shots are practically identical down to the props (check orange juice in the pics below). I wouldn’t be surprised if Alameed Coffee pull their commercial and then have a nice chat with their agency about this.

28 05, 2017

Zain Ramadan Ad Makes Reddit Front Page

2017-06-03T11:01:10+03:00May 28, 2017|36 Comments

Zain’s latest Ramadan ad made it to the top of Reddit’s front page yesterday and the video has already garnered nearly 2 million views in just two days. The reddit post also has over 4,000 comments with majority of them being positive except for the ones on the guy that kicks the pigeon 44 seconds into the commercial. If you haven’t watched the commercial yet you can check it out below.

For those of you who don’t know what Reddit is:

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Reddit’s registered community members can submit content such as text posts or direct links. As of 2017, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors, ranking #4 most visited web-site in US and #9 in the world. [source]

Update: I just noticed that this Zain reddit post is marked as an ad which means it might have been promoted to the front page instead of getting there naturally. Oh well..

3 04, 2017

My Datsun’s Final Send-off

2017-04-03T11:27:15+03:00Apr 3, 2017|23 Comments

Last September my Datsun was used in a commercial for the groceries delivery brand Baqal. They were doing an old school commercial and my car fit the theme so they paid me to do donuts in an empty sandlot (always fun). Since then I’ve been waiting for the commercial to come out so I could post about it, and it finally did… a week after I sold my car. So I guess it kinda works out as a final farewell to the Z. She will be missed.

24 11, 2016

Vote for Bou Salem!

2016-11-24T12:50:03+03:00Nov 24, 2016|11 Comments

My friends over at Beattie + Dane worked on this hilarious campaign for Al Munayes Tea called “Bou Salem”. He’s a funny character that is pretending to run for a seat in the upcoming parliament elections. There are two videos out so far, the one on top is the first video that was released in which the character Bou Salem was introduced for the first time. The one below was the second video and is of Bou Salem day dreaming while drinking his tea which made me laugh out loud when I first watched it. Kinda makes me miss not working in advertising anymore.

Note: The video on top is in Arabic