Ramadan 2016 Commercials

Post by Mark

In summary, they’re all terrible with most being so bad I couldn’t even watch them all the way through. The only one that stuck out for me was the commercial above and most because it was a bit weird (and it wasn’t a musical). As of now I’ve collected 32 of this years Ramadan commercials and put them up on a YouTube playlist. I wouldn’t recommend it but in case you’re interested in watching some of them, just click [Here]


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  1. I really, really enjoyed last year’s Zain ad that was shot at Gia’s.

    It cracked me up so hard in the office my co-workers thought I had finally lost it.

    I even memorized the dialogue,

    “Eee, your girlfriend…..la ma darait, itha shithee, la 7ayaha, 5aleeha tig3ad wiyana….ISH GIRLFRIEND INTA BA3D??!”

  2. Another way of cramming so called fashionistas down our throats. The same people over and over again, even in the dramas, you see the same actors in 2 or 3 of them.

  3. zaydoun says:

    The Saidawy ad is totally bonkers! Only one I liked

  4. ali says:

    if you don’t like it then go back from where you came form. sick of yr negativity about my country. u come and take money then leave u can’t even make half of it if u were back in your country

    • Mark says:

      If you’re not happy with the political system here thats gives people like me the right to express myself then maybe you should leave instead. I hear Saudi is nice this time of year.

      • ali says:

        you seem to keep complaining about this country in your blog and any reasonable person with the right state of mind would not keep staying in a country if they don’t like it. behave or i will cancel your iqama

        • Mark says:

          You see thats the difference between you and me, I’m going to keep trying to make Kuwait a better place while you are happy with the way things are. So why don’t you step aside, sit on your comfy couch and have your housekeeper get you an ice cold vimto and let the people who do care about this country like me do our jobs instead of trying to kick us out cuz we’re “complaining”.

          • Mo Hat says:

            Ali this might help you:


            I don’t think the ice cold vimto will be enough for that sick burn.

          • T-rex says:

            you know Mark, you do post negative things, try to put positive things in a change, people think you hate this country, as result you can view why this happened.

            p.s. try vimto with 7-up

            • Mark says:

              So what if I post negative things? 80% or more of my posts are positive so what? This isn’t a blog promoting kuwait or tourism, it’s a reality blog and the reality is there are problems which should and will be highlighted.

              • diablo says:

                The Ramadan commercials are nice. Most people enjoy them and they’re always trending in Youtube. They break records in viewership.

                Why are you complaining about something so frivolous like Ramadan commercials? They’re funny, light hearted, aren’t meant to be taken seriously.

                • Mark says:

                  I’m not taking anything seriously, I just don’t think they’re funny or any good. They can trend all they want and break as many records as you want but that doesn’t mean anything really. A lotus/nutella combo dessert could easily break a record in Kuwait but doesn’t mean its any good…

        • Dun says:

          Ali you troglodyte, behave or I will cancel all your visa’s and then you will be stuck here for the rest of your life… Now behave beoch!

    • boom says:

      Where is this money dispenser you speak of? Last I checked, Kuwait salaries are far below those of UAE and Qatar. The only thing going for it is low cost of living, which is soon to change. The only way to make good money as a foreigner is to perform a valuable service to the economy. Mark has clearly done that (hence your and 100,000’s of other regular visits to the blog).

      If I were you, I would focus on improving your country so that you don’t need foreigners to survive. Then it would only be Kuwaitis complaining!

  5. aceboy44 says:

    Viva’s ad is the most entertaining this Ramadan. I don’t know what the plate has to do with telecommunications??????

  6. BuYousef says:

    I agree with previous comments about Zain’s ads last year – I liked them very much. This year is an awful cocktail of bad ideas. Can’t believe people spent time and money making them.

  7. Bluelephantintheshroom says:

    I’d just yesterday thought of asking you for a post on (nice) Ramadan ads! Would still be nice though to have one post with Ramadan ads, with touching/inspiring content, from this year and years past, from Kuwait and elsewhere (saw one out of Pakistan recently that was nice). Please, pretty please.

  8. Bluelephantintheshroom says:

    Just watched the Seedawy one. Hilarious!!!

  9. T-rex says:

    If you liked that commercial, then you should watch The Office, because it seemed based on it.

  10. anonz says:

    ali itfashel pls refrain from posting your thoughts online (sorry about that mark), i didnt like most of them either godam commercials dont make sense

  11. Talabat posted their Ramadan Commercial.

    Name of Ad: (Ramadan with Talabat.com)
    youtube url: https://youtu.be/XtNwx9jKKZ8
    Date of release 15/06/2016

  12. 32 Dental Clinic posted their Ramadan Commercial

    Name of Ad: دعاية مركز 32 لطب الاسنان رمضان ٢٠١٦ – 32 Dental Clinic TVC Ramadan 2016
    Youtube URL: https://youtu.be/jyXrp8YcznQ
    Date of release: 21/06/2016

  13. Shrimpy posted their 3rd Ramadan Commercial.

    Name of Ad: حتى القمر تصدرناه… | اعلان شرمبي لرمضان ٢٠١٦
    AD 1: New York
    AD 2: Eskimo
    Youtube URL: https://youtu.be/MY_xTYWmfSw
    Date of Release: 19/06/2016

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