Two Very Similar Commercials

Post by Mark

The local Ramadan ad on top was released a couple of days ago, while the Egyptian Chipsy commercials below were released back in January. Notice any similarities?

Not only are the ideas very similar, but most of the shots are practically identical down to the props (check orange juice in the pics below). I wouldn’t be surprised if Alameed Coffee pull their commercial and then have a nice chat with their agency about this.

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  1. adly says:

    nice chat indeed ;)

  2. Patrick says:

    The original ads are so technically superior, everything from the lighting to the art direction. Can’t believe the agency thought no one would notice.

  3. Kulsum says:

    what the… !

    Can anyone enlighten me on why the lighting and editing style on most Kuwaiti commercials are almost always the same?

    • slarti says:

      because most of them are done by the same people, there are only 3~5 major production houses, with 2 of them accounting for 60% of the ads you see during ramadan

  4. Dee says:

    Ooredoo did it first:

    Ooredoo Ramadan 2015

    Chipsy Pepsi Egypt 2013

    Kuwait has a long proud history of ‘paying homage to Egyptian advertising.

  5. Soos says:

    If you wanna highligh on this subject do your homework first

    , viva this year also did it , they copies al henedi orange telecom concept Henedi Viva

    Also this year khabaz “mr baker” copied dukkan bazah (i doubled checked who shot it first) BaZzah mr baker

    Also the kuwaiti film hamah is a copy of lost

  6. Tinderbox says:

    Maybe the same egyptian creatives worked on the same ads? LOL

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