My Datsun’s Final Send-off

Post by Mark

Last September my Datsun was used in a commercial for the groceries delivery brand Baqal. They were doing an old school commercial and my car fit the theme so they paid me to do donuts in an empty sandlot (always fun). Since then I’ve been waiting for the commercial to come out so I could post about it, and it finally did… a week after I sold my car. So I guess it kinda works out as a final farewell to the Z. She will be missed.

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  1. Salah says:

    What a freakin awesome ad, I was smiling the whole time and genuinely impressed with the how beautifully it was done…but then came the smoking part.

  2. AR says:

    So good!

    So worth you calling him “a pussy” during filming.

  3. del says:

    what’s the song? also that’s a CAR.

  4. zaydoun says:

    The soundtrack is awesome! What is that tune??

  5. Tarek J says:

    Thanks for sharing :-) You car’s scene was the most fun part to shoot, shame you had to let it go

  6. meh says:

    Anachronisms : Current era buildings visible in the horizon.

    • AR says:

      That was the point of the piece.
      Mixing the old with the new.

      Remember- anachronisms are often used as a motif in film work.

  7. k says:

    just a question, is there any way we can share online items pictures and local stories of 80s and 90s also 70s from a youth’s perspective, because if not shared will be lost in the past, maybe a place to go to show our kids what kdd ads were like what style was, what youth got up to, urban stories like the ghost house, importance of places like the baqalas outside of school, and such? the little pop bag in the begiinning of the ad, bb gun wars, majed comics and arabic dubbed animes.. carnation milks’ significance, and much more, from kuwaitis and eveybody around kuwait during that time just an idea,

    Mark you have been doing a great job with posts of the Kuwait and its history through someone my ages’ pov so maybe anybody can suggest a solution to find a way to perverse or put it all for the next generation.

    also a shout out to anyone in the ministry to address the fact that close to no important history classes are taught at school, we have US history at private schools but no Kuwait at govt.

  8. BeeJay says:

    Beautiful Ad.. Loved it ..

  9. DeReD says:

    Fab Ad and soundtrack and great job with the last scene mark.. wanna try that in the Lotus??? ;)

  10. forzaq8 says:

    i hate to be nitpick but

    When grendizer is shouting Double Harken they are showing him doing a jump kick

    and when the announcer is saying Tiger shot , they are showing captain tsubasa overhead kick

  11. stk90 says:

    the 70s and 80s called … they want all their stuff back….!!!!

  12. K8 says:

    my first car was a 1977 datsun 180B bright orange, good times!

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