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Those of you who follow me on instagram and twitter probably already figured out that I sold my beloved Datsun last week because I bought a Lotus Exige instead. It wasn’t a planned purchase, it just happened, I guess something like an impulse buy but on a grander scale. Last Saturday I went with a friend to check out a 1972 Chevy C10 pickup truck which I was planning to buy. On our way back I had to drop my friend off at a garage when I came across a used car lot that had a yellow Lotus Exige displayed for sale, the same one I had reviewed nearly a year ago. So I sent the Lotus brand manager a message about it and he told me if I had an itch to drive the Exige again, they had the roof off on their current vehicle and I could come in the next morning and take the car out for a couple of days. Who would say no to that?

The next morning I headed straight to the Lotus dealership and picked up the Exige. A few minutes after driving off in the car, I had a huge smile on my face I remembered why I loved it so much when I took it out last year to review. So when the brand manager messaged me back the next day to confirm I would be dropping the car off in the evening, I told him I had fallen in love with it and this time I wasn’t bringing it back. After a couple of days of negotiating on the price over whatsapp, I went back to the dealership and paid for the car. I’m still unsure if I got a good deal or not since I don’t consider myself a great negotiator (Tip: Do NOT tell the dealer you love the car), but I’ve got the car now with no regrets so thats all that matters.

When I originally wrote my review of the Exige last year, I described it as a car not meant for 99.9% of the people and I still stand by that. I actually spent most of that review complaining about the car. It’s extremely quirky to put it nicely with a lot of odd and unorthodox things about it. But, with all the issues I had with the car when I reviewed it, something about it really attracted me to it. I’ve reviewed a lot of amazing cars for the blog but nothing connected with me the way the Exige did. I love sitting inside the small cozy cockpit, I love the way it looks on the outside, I even love how awkward it is to get in and out of and I definitely love recording videos of my friends trying to get out of the car. If the Exige was a person, it would be an awkward introvert and I think thats why I love it.

There are only 3 Exige’s in Kuwait at the moment, my midnight blue one, a white one and a yellow one so it’s a pretty rare car and I feel special. But, I’m now curious to see what that means to the cost and availability of parts, supposedly service costs is similar to Lexus which is great, but I didn’t ask about the parts since I didn’t want to freak out and change my mind about buying the car. Speaking of parts, there is a pretty active online community of aftermarket parts and I’ve already got my eye on some carbon fiber body panels and other upgrades, but the first thing I want to modify on the car is the license plates. For some reason Alghanim (the dealer) installed square ones on the car but I think the wider rectangular ones would look so much nicer on it. So if anyone knows what the process is for swapping the square plates for the rectangular ones is, please let me know!

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  1. Kandari says:

    That’s a great looking car. Congrats.

    Would you mind tell us the price range ?

  2. Kuwait says:

    Battle of the step-wives: Datsun vs Lotus – The curvier, shinier version always wins.

  3. UCF says:

    process for swapping the plates:

    Step 1: WASTA !!

  4. Raz says:

    Awesome car!

    You mentioned that you had shortlisted the Chevy pickup – quick question: can you buy a pick up as an expat? I thought pick ups were sold only to Kuwaitis and to people with commercial driving licenses.

  5. k says:

    ha! knew this was coming :)but then again, anyone would have figured it out considering how much you were posting about it over the last couple days.

    what a gorgeous car, congratulations man!

  6. salah says:


  7. meh says:

    Service costs as much as Lexus? That is very difficult to believe.

  8. BB says:

    Awesome car! As far as I know, a lot of it is borrowed from Toyota, so parts should not be too difficult to get.

  9. nabeel says:

    mashaallah , mabrook for your new car

  10. Dun says:

    Sweeeeeeeeeet ride!

    Get an engine tuner and play around. Lots of benefits to that, even if you’re not a torque chaser.
    Possibilities include:
    – Using cheaper gas for daily driving mode, with minimal loss of power.
    – Using aftermarket under drive pulleys for easy instant torque
    – Adjusting A/F ratio
    – lots of other cool stuff

  11. Umair Shaikh says:

    Congrats… masha ALLAH

  12. Jasooom says:

    7beeebi Mark meta etmernii so we can hit Damascus St?

  13. Hussain Khashab says:


    Was it you who parked in the spots next to the Baskin Robbins branch in front of Fanar 2-3 days ago?

    • Mark says:

      Yeah, why were there like 100 kids at baskin robbins at midnight??!!!

      • Hussain Khashab says:

        No idea. Probably has something to do with the Mother Care branch over there.

        I’m not a car fanatic at all and know very little about cars, my cousin is a major car fanatic though. He told me that he just saw a Lotus and that there was only a couple of them in Kuwait and I literally thought he was talking about the Lotus biscuits!

        After he was done laughing and explaining to me, we went to check out the car but you were reversing out of the spot and leaving the parking. So we just stood there and watched you drive away XD

  14. Adel Baroon says:

    Congrats! Hope the track is done soon so I would have an excuse to buy an M2.

    • Mark says:

      M2 is such a road friendly car just get it from now. I was considering the M2 as well but decided to go with the Exige instead.

  15. Ayoub says:

    Mabroook Mark, I drove the test drive lotus from alganim and I fell in love with it too much just like you did and imediatly justified the price of it,man it sounds so good who would have thought a camry would sound that good.Upon reading your review and the yellow lotus review it came apparent that i fell in love with the car for the same reasons you did.That why i bought a ……Viper,lol no joke it shares the lotus impracticality and ingress and egress that i never look cool getting out of my viper i even humiliate myself getting out of it in cramped spaces cause the door sills are just too big and to add insult to injury it will burn you if you leave your leg if misplaced, here are the similarities i found comparing the 2 too much a/c in a small cabin car ,i can reach the passenger door (the lostus/4c excels in this),cabin noise while driving (vipers speciality),maneuverability and how the steering wheel connects to the vehicle,all of that in a 2013 car imagine myself justifying the car to my dad and why it costs so much (extremely hard task) but i love it and try to daily it as much as possible my only reason not to commute in it is because fear of people crashing into me and fahaheel express way is not the road to be on in a viper @ 8 am heading to shuabia other than that i drive it and i enjoy it ,hope you drive your lotus too

  16. vampire says:

    I hate u
    I hate u

  17. MHz says:

    Congrats and great choice. Uncommon and great handling.

  18. Graham says:

    Congratulations on the Lotus! I’m jealous. I wish I could have my Lotus over here, but it is in safe storage in Canada. Enjoy, and I’ll keep an eye open for you.

  19. Jonathan Rowlands says:

    why on earth would you want that car in kuwait man …. your back is going to be ruined in 3 months … ideal for british countryside in norfolk where it is built or on snetterton race way …. but definately not in kuwait …. one pothole and its done !

  20. Burhan says:

    Mark, I’ve seen you a few times. You are taller than I am and – granted – if I was a bit slimmer I could fit in the car but height wise – are you able to fit in there *with the roof attached*??

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