Zain Ramadan Ad Makes Reddit Front Page

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Zain’s latest Ramadan ad made it to the top of Reddit’s front page yesterday and the video has already garnered nearly 2 million views in just two days. The reddit post also has over 4,000 comments with majority of them being positive except for the ones on the guy that kicks the pigeon 44 seconds into the commercial. If you haven’t watched the commercial yet you can check it out below.

For those of you who don’t know what Reddit is:

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Reddit’s registered community members can submit content such as text posts or direct links. As of 2017, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors, ranking #4 most visited web-site in US and #9 in the world. [source]

Update: I just noticed that this Zain reddit post is marked as an ad which means it might have been promoted to the front page instead of getting there naturally. Oh well..

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36 comments, add your own...

  1. Ahmed says:

    It is really good and catchy. And good message. Well done.

  2. Sarah says:

    Great ad but unfortunately doesn’t represent the teachings of the Quran. Nothing is going to change unless Islam from the inside gets reformed and some texts are rejected.

    • Ahmed says:

      Quran has no suicide bombing or self killing. And war is only permitted in persecution as in defence not attack.

      • Hisham says:

        And what do you suggest we should do to “reform” Islam ?

      • Baklawa says:

        I usually stay out of stuff like this but..

        “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day” – Tawbah 29

        The quran encourages hate and conflict when it comes to difference of ideas and poeple who believe different thoughts, and it is very easy for mislead people to be lied to, so is the problem in us humans who misunderstand, or in the source itself?

        please reply with peace and love and such

        • Anw. Kh. says:

          please read the full 29 verse not just the first 6 words :)

          • Baklawa says:

            Tell that to the millions of people who constantly misunderstand religion… when the word FIGHT is right there in the beginning, it doesnt matter what the rest is, even if it mentions “Jizyah” it still promotes FIGHTING “until they give the jizyah willingly”. Please focus, it starts off by saying “FIGHT”, this is just one of the many possible verses that can be misunderstood

            • Raz says:

              If the court passes a judgement of death – what impression does that give you?

              Everything has to be seen in its full context. In this case you would look at the crime committed etc.

              If people misunderstand – then could it not be that the people, rather than the message, are wrong?

              • Baklawa says:

                Judgment of death, among other laws, are constitutional laws that were agreed upon by previous generations, not a book brought down upon us by a deity.

                I appreciate your question, but then i ask u a similar question:

                If people misunderstand something so fundamental as a religious book, then isnt the book to blame for not being clear about certain things like “FIGHT those who do not believe”.. in arabic its even more violent as in arabic the word “qaatiloo” is used, indicating violence, and the approval to use violence. Mix that with some crazy people on a mission, and you get some freaky stuff happening on a misguided planet

                • Raz says:

                  My point was that you should see, read and understand the context in which the verses were revealed.

                  Very much like any Court ruling. To understand any Court judgement you have to understand the car to know the context in which any Court ruling is issued. If you see any Court ruling without it, it may seem harsh.

            • Ipsom says:

              @Baklawa u got me confused here “The quran encourages hate and conflict when it comes to difference of ideas and poeple who believe different thoughts”

              “this is just one of the many possible verses that can be misunderstood”

              see what happened there ;)

              • Baklawa says:

                No ipsom i do not see what happened there, besides u trying to show in a very sly manner the possibility that i have misunderstood the quran by saying what i said above… please do not try to analyze the way i said things or try to show that im confused because that does nothing to add or take away from the argument, talk about the verse itself and try to counter with why u think the quran isnt confusing. It is taught to us since we were young that each person can find their own meaning in the quran.. that is just a cool way of saying “the quran can be misunderstood so watch out”

                • Ipsom says:

                  Well to be honest your 2 first comments were very confusing and seemed hypocritical (I didn’t want to sound harsh on u and say that… Now u make a valid point

                  What you just said is exactly what I was just going to reply to u now: the Quran is an extremely complex text that can be interpreted in limitless ways.

                  Anyways try to clearer next time…

                • Ipsom says:

                  *to be

    • Dun says:

      The Quran itself is pretty awesome and is not going to be changed for you. Some stupid interpretations must be rejected (and for 14 centuries have mostly been rejected until the wahabis came).

      Yes there is tons of reformation that needs to happen (and had already happened across most of the islamic world by 1920, but was set back to zero by the wahabis and the khomeinis.)

    • Safa says:

      People need to be reformed, not Quran. the Quran was revealed for the reformation of the people. You should read Islamic History.

    • Dev says:

      I guess it is not about the Quran. The problem lies in the torch bearers of Islam (the preachers) who are interpreting it in their own way and propagating it to the ignorant :(

  3. mocman says:

    lol @ its an ad.

  4. q80 says:

    There is a good idea behind the commercial, but overall there are many things that make me hate it and think it is really bad

    1. The lyrics: لنفجر !! seriously.. it brings all the bad images to my mind.

    2. The terrorist recreating allahu akbar and alshahdatain, it connects an image in the minds of public that these words are associated with terrorists.

    3. Lots of blood and violence in an advertisement to be showed repeatedly in Ramadan.

    • loony says:

      They’ve long associated these words to terrorism already. So much that there jokes about it.

    • Baklawa says:

      I AGREE. it’s in bad taste. a corporation like ZAIN making money off of the whole sensitive issue of “terrorists arent muslims”. We see something that’s slightly heart warming and we ignore all the darkness hidden beneath

    • Ipsom says:

      +1 I was waiting for someone to say this

  5. Mohammed says:

    Does anyone know about the agency who made the advertisement?

  6. Shani says:

    Nice ad but until the terrorists stop screaming Allahu akbar when committing those hate crimes
    People will always link them to Islam and thats a fact.
    Until our preachers preach that Allah is a friend, a comfidant and not a slave master people will always justify their blood thirsty acts with His name.
    As a muslim i see Allah as a friend, a father and I am not a slave because a slave and his master never get along. The reform should not be changing things from the Quran it should be changes in the aspects of preaching. Peace ✌🏿️

  7. Fahad says:

    The “Ad” label is placed by the moderators of the subreddit. Those are the rules of r/Videos. Any video originally made as an ad must be labeled so. It is posted and upvoted organically by users not Zain.

    Mostly they label it cos a lot of videos go viral without people noticing that is an ad.

  8. Yasmine says:

    I’m simply not a fan of perpetuating notions of violence and terrorism. We are now desensitized to all the bloodshed around us, so why perpetuate everything that is wrong with the world? Why portray the actual suicide bomber? I really fill that utilizing the lyrics, the song, and the flashing messages of people surviving attacks is super inspiring. Why do we need to forever ingrain this image of a terrorist in the minds of the youth? Children watched this ad. I don’t know. Realizing that alone doesn’t sit too well with me.
    However, as a message, it is an excellent one!

  9. Yasmine says:


  10. Stuart says:

    Really inspirational ad. The message was truly on point. I do agree that maybe there shouldn’t have been the bloodshed, but its also a touchy and controversial issue that at times can’t be truly addressed unless you show the entirity of the situation.

  11. zaydoun says:

    With publicity comes the inevitable backlash… it seems Zain made a mistake by portraying the young Syrian boy Omran, covered in dust, as a victim of ISIS when in fact he was a victim of Bashar Al-Assad’s forces.

  12. Aplha says:

    Well, at least they did a better job with the ads than with the mass firing that is taking place at HQ. I heard they told all of their staff to resign

  13. Curiosity says:

    The ad kinda went viral, the state newspaper where I live, posted about it online and got a lot of good comments.

  14. kuttan says:

    This was an awesome ad and it took guts for Zain to make this. I expected this to come for a government deradicalisation initiative than a private enterprise and was quite surprised that a team at Zain took a risk or had the courage in creating this and publishing this. Most people in the region are scared of even saying something like this fearing a backlash from their devout relatives or family members who silently believe in violence, hatred or persecution against the non Ummah. Makes me proud of Zain and what they did.

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