Vote for Bou Salem!

Post by Mark

My friends over at Beattie + Dane worked on this hilarious campaign for Al Munayes Tea called “Bou Salem”. He’s a funny character that is pretending to run for a seat in the upcoming parliament elections. There are two videos out so far, the one on top is the first video that was released in which the character Bou Salem was introduced for the first time. The one below was the second video and is of Bou Salem day dreaming while drinking his tea which made me laugh out loud when I first watched it. Kinda makes me miss not working in advertising anymore.

Note: The video on top is in Arabic


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  1. Patrick says:

    The first one is great, the second one is kind of lame and mimics previous popular ads in Kuwait.

  2. dash3r'6 says:

    i like that word, except i like to say it as ‘toush’…yeah..

  3. Merwyn says:

    Finally Al Munayes is spending on advertising! When I was handling the account way back in 1998, all he wanted was KD 10 worth of print posters :)

  4. T-rex says:

    not funny, I seen funnier snaps related to politics, even funny meme of marzoog :D

  5. Ismail says:

    Not funny at all.

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