Looking for a Unimog

Post by Mark


Anybody know anyone selling a Unimog by any chance? If yes then please let me know!

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  1. mocman says:

    The lego one or the actual vehicle?

  2. Sulaiman_COOKIEEE says:

    Would u like a unicorn with that? Also think I saw your car in Salmiya yesterday, next to H&M.

  3. Insa says:

    I saw one for 4.5k kwd on 4sale not so long ago.

  4. Azz says:

    Try the local Mercedes-Benz dealer.
    They might have some source.

  5. GoogleIt says:

    As Azz said, I think that the dealer would be the best option for you specially that they already have a page for it on their website:

  6. P says:

    Can I be the most real here and ask why?

  7. Merwyn says:


    This is the bus we supplied from Australia to Qatar, better than a Unimog :) http://4x4tourbus.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/14.jpg.

    Check out our other cool vehicles here if you want one http://www.4x4motorhomes.com.au/product/iveco-tonto-4wd-motorhome/.

    Importing into Kuwait is not easy though …

  8. psto says:

    don’t have an UNIMOG but here is the museum:

  9. bu3amraz says:

    there are 3 of them for sale in Kuwait, blue, green, and red, I just need to check if they still for sale, email me if interested.

  10. Big Z says:

    Saw one for sale on q8car just a few days ago

  11. Ibn Al-Jazeera says:


    dkm mark, someone give this guy a citizenship already.

    i seen one parked all the time at al-kout/sultan center parking lot in fahaheel on the fisherman side of the lot. its been there for 2 years+.

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