New Kuwait Airways Commercial

Post by Mark

A friend sent me the new Kuwait Airways commercial and I couldn’t stop laughing once I watched it. Basically what I got from the commercial is that a guy purchased a business class ticket for himself and his wife (I am assuming she’s his wife). Once they board the plane, the guy finds an old man sitting in his seat. The guy insults the old man and then goes and sits in economy because I guess the flight attendants couldn’t sort out the problem (it’s Kuwait Airways after all). The guy then negotiates his way to another economy seat and then lies his way back into a business class seat and forces a business class passenger to go back into economy. Finally after all the hustling the old man who was sitting in his seat decides to get up and give him back his seat. I guess the new revamped Kuwait Airways is just like the old Kuwait Airways… a mess. Check out the commercial above. [YouTube]

Thanks Musaed


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  1. gabbar says:

    You should have posted this in Kuwait Win of the Week :D

  2. Brock says:

    LMFAO!! XD

  3. Nasser says:

    That’s really weird. I mean the quality of the ad itself is not bad, but the story of the ad is very silly and makes no sense :/. Considering how they’re finally revamping their fleet and things are going well so far, you’d think they would have made a better ad ;p

  4. q80 says:

    I don’t think such an idea suits to be a commercial for an airlines company!

  5. mmm says:

    bascially advertising on the problem kuwait airways always had, people not respecting their allocated seat numbers

  6. ariz says:

    hahahaha…this is hilarious :D

  7. lolguy says:

    Guess they are trying a different light-hearted approach and a break away from the traditional slick adverts like those of Emirates and Etihad.
    Coupled with the fact that I never had a bad experience with the airline, I enjoyed the ad.

  8. Thanks for explaining it, I saw it last night and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I just figured the guy got moved up so he would stop singing.

  9. mohamad80s says:

    hhahahahhahahahahhahah.. So basically different planes same shit :D

  10. Reem says:

    Well the ad is in arabic more specifically Kuwaiti so certainly its for locals. I think its cute and lighthearted as well…at least they bothered to make an ad guys >>. Another step forward for the airline so bravo from me.

  11. vampire says:

    fail at its worst

  12. Anon says:

    Gamsho..low class

  13. MK says:

    Come on, it’s not that bad. I don’t think there was an insult in the begining bro, not more than you calling him an old man. :)

    I watched it again and I actually like it. Could of done much, much, much better in a very professional way and leveraged on there history and heritage and they would have pulled it off. But they decided to do it the cool/funky way, perhaps to appeal to younger generations?

    I understood the ad as the old guy playing deaf wanting to get away with a business class seat and the younger person became a nice guy and left him his seat. Then he slowly moved up until he became back next to his wife. Keep in contact with her during and showing how everyone onboard was friendly and helpful. Even at the end, they actually say it.

    “Wifi, communication, latest movies and awesome people!”

    My only grip is what is his wife’s name!? Kamshoo?

  14. MK says:

    *kept *too many typos and grammer mistakes :)

  15. TL says:

    So if you fly on Kuwait Airways and someone takes your seat, you’ll have to sing and dance until you get it back? Fabulous.

    The first, and last, time I ever flew with them the emergency life vests were littered, literally, all around the aisles and by the seats. It was the most bizarre, scariest flight of my life.

  16. Zorbon says:

    KU needs a shift just like Apple’s 1997 Think Different Campaign.

  17. Buzz says:

    The ad is silly and immature. It does not instill confidence in an airline. What is the message here? There is none, it’s just some silly guy clowning around. Using humor in advertising is a very tricky business and I don’t think it belongs in aviation.

    I bet the person who conceptualized this ad is 20 with no academic training in advertising. Kuwait airways going cheap. While other airlines in the region have their logos on Barcelona and Real Madrid jerseys and have stadiums named after them, Kuwait Airways has some kid clowning around. Way to go KA!

    • relax a bit says:

      We’ve found here. Queen killjoy. The supreme party pooper. The overlord of anti-fun. Lady, chill out a bit for goodness sake. It’s a cute little commercial that’s a little funny and the goal is to target younger people so they used a song. Is it shitty? Hell yeah it’s a shitty commercial, but calm down.

      “Using humor in advertising is a very tricky business and I don’t think it belongs in aviation.” –Thank goodness you’re in no position at all doing advertising, because that’s the most simple-minded statement I’ve ever seen. There are tons of famous funny airline ads. Have you ever seen a Virgin Atlantics ad? Remember Turkish Airlines are their funny ads with Kobe Bryant and Messi?
      Delta even has an ad full of Internet memes:

      Get off your high horse of anti-fun and smile a bit granny.

      • Prose says:

        Nice prose there Jon Stewart. Still doesnt take away from the fact that its a shitty ad and will not make me want to fly KA

  18. Nads says:

    To make people fly on their planes and provide a good experience is one thing.. But come on Kuwait Airways, you can at least come up with an average boring commercial.. This is a disaster!

  19. zaydoun says:

    Chill out people! It’s a silly lighthearted ad for Ramadan, and they’re probably making fun of themselves. KA is notorious for its inability to get passengers to sit in their assigned seats. We had an incident when I was a teenager and my mom threw a huge fit demanding that some woman get off our assigned seats; the woman refused and they had to call security! Anyone saying that’s unacceptable? You try telling an entitled Kuwaiti passenger how to behave on Kuwait Airways!!

    I actually flew one of their new planes recently and liked the experience from beginning to end. Even their usually surly and incompetent staff were great! KA still has a LOOOONG way to go, and it needs our support!

  20. sidaut says:

    and this not the final piece :p

  21. Oh dear! says:

    This sucks! I was really rooting for KA but I guess they really want us to hate them.

  22. Pedro says:

    Actually I Find it Funny and so Kuwaiti Well Done KA being out of the norm.

  23. q8geek says:

    What about their privatisation

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