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Over the weekend Kuwait kicked off a sanitization campaign to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Trucks were going up and down the streets spraying disinfectants on the roads but I’ve got two questions which hopefully a reader might explain to me:

First question, why are roads being disinfected? I tried to find an answer online but can’t seem to find any solid answer to why it’s effective, I’ve found articles explaining why it’s useless but nothing that supports it. It’s not just Kuwait doing it, other countries are also sanitizing the roads like China and the UAE. In Dubai, they’re even using drones to do it although that might just be a PR stunt. So if anyone has a theory or an article on this please share it in the comments. I’m genuinely curious.

My second question is, why are they using ice cream truck music? You can hear it in the video above. It’s kinda funny because whenever I heard the music yesterday I ran to my window. It reminded me when I used to spend my summers in the States as a kid because I’d run to the window whenever I heard the ice cream truck music as well.

Interestingly, the baladiya are on my street today cleaning up the area around the garbage bins. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you know I’ve had lots of drama with the baladiya and the garbage on my street. This is the cleanest I’ve seen the bins area and I think it’s part of this sanitization campaign which is great!

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I also had this same question but apparently it’s because people spit and stuff on the road? So they’re trying to make sure there’s no residue there?
I’m baffled as you don’t lick the street? But it’ll end up on your shoes/bags maybe and can make you sick? I assume that’s the logic?

Also thought about this. I think the whole idea for this disinfection is to just have an overall cleaner environment.

I think health authorities don’t want people to get sick, not only with the corona virus, but just sick in general. As not to overwhelm the health system.

I think that makes the most sense because it would also explain why they were fixing up the garbage bins on my street. I’ve never seen the area cleaner although it probably has to do with the fact the shops have been all closed for the past few weeks.

Mark , I heard the same music also, and almost lost it. I thought of running down stairs and doing my Eddie Murphy routine of the icecream. And if you haven’t seen it , check his clip on YouTube (Eddie Murphy icecream ).

My biggest area of disgust is the spitting, honkering the snot out of their noses onto the ground as well as the sneezes.

Then I think about all the undocumented workers who have not undergone health (especially-TB) screenings.

I’m also frustrated when I need someone for specialized jobs, such as plumbing and electrical, only for a guy to fix my plumbing, who only yesterday, was a butcher! And of course, the band-aid works for an hour and back to broken. I’d rather pay more for expertise.

Regarding the first question, this also helps clean the air of any bacteria so that the virus doesn’t linger and other people breathe it in. And as for the ice cream music? Probably to notify people that the cleaning is in progress, but it’s an odd choice for sure.

The virus can live up to 3 days on some surfaces, maybe that’s probably why.
And for the other reasons mentioned above…

looking at the cleanliness around garbage bins it seems Baladiya can manage it during normal circumstances as well however it seems they are being ignorant.

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