An Art Library in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Art Kuwait recently posted about Boushahri’s Art Library in Salmiya. The library is filled with both Arabic and English art and design books and you don’t need to be a member to access the books. You just pass by, sign in and read whatever books you want.

The library is located in the Boushahri building on Baghdad Street in Salmiya and it’s open from 9AM to 1PM and then again from 5PM to 9PM. Their phone number is 25621215 ext 110. For more information click [Here]

Note: Art Kuwait mention that it’s the first art library in Kuwait but I believe CAP (Contemporary Art Platform) have had a similar library in their space for some time now. Photo below.

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  1. ArtKuwait says:

    Thank you Mark. Boushahri Art Library opened some years before CAP started its activity, but they never had any advertisement or promotion. Even my pictures are old, finally, I posted them. They have much more books then CAP – it is an oasis, really.

  2. Rehab says:

    I was an intern in CAP and their Library collection is really huge…

  3. Andy says:

    Are there any English language lending and/or reading libraries in Kuwait?

    If so, where are they??

    • Jacob says:

      You can come to Q8books and read as many books as you want for FREE! If you are lucky, you could even get a free cup of coffee!

      • Nasar says:

        Ahhhh this library isnt open and i couldnt even get a chance to study, think their management really isnt promoting or doing anything.

  4. dhea says:

    is this still open ?

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