Cinescape’s New Logo

Post by Mark


Not sure how I missed this when I watched Interstellar two weeks ago but Cinescape has a new logo. Not sure how I feel about it since I just saw it now for the first time but side by side with their older logo it looks like a step in the right direction.


The new logo along with the website gives the brand a much needed facelift, it looks brighter and more current than their previous logo which I really liked back when it was first introduced. One thing I’m curious about it where is the Arabic version? Their website uses the same English logo for both the English and Arabic sections and I didn’t spot the Arabic logo on their Instagram account either. Curious if they’ve decided to completely drop the Arabic (which I don’t mind honestly).

In any case maybe Avenues can give them a call and find out who did their branding because two years later and the Avenues logo still looks like crap.

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  1. aL-An says:

    No Mark
    Avenues has a new red logo since the last 2 years

  2. Jake says:

    this logo has been up for more than 6 Months.

    • Mark says:

      On Instagram which I obviously don’t follow them on. But their website and app and even the ticket kiosks and tickets were still using the old logo 2 weeks ago

      • Jake says:

        oh i see what you mean, yes that parts are new.

        im talking about before the movie they show the Cinescape logo and the new one has been showing for ages! :) kinda hard to pick it up tho, because the lobby also recently got the new logo’s.

  3. BraveArc says:

    The website was changed a couple of days back.
    Was looking at some show timings in the morning and it was the old site. when I visited the site in the afternoon, BAM new site.

  4. Logo says:

    The Avenues logo was done by a renowned US architecture firm, who are obviously not a renowned US branding agency

  5. UCF says:

    oh the avenues .. I can make a better logo on MS Word !! I wonder how much they paid for that piece of crap ??

  6. Ali says:

    Yesterday I went to watch a movie with my wife and 6 months old baby.
    Usually they don’t charge for children under 2-3 years as they don’t occupy a seat.
    However while entering the scene I was told to buy a seat for 6 months baby, irrespective of seat allocated or not.

    Now while I read the face lift, I can understand they want to recover the cost of revamp.

  7. th says:

    You always pay for a seat for a baby/child irrespective of age. They are allowed in free only on Tuesdays!

  8. Cinescape says:

    Hi everyone,

    We thank you for your comments, and feedback! We are happy to see some mixed reviews which will help us improve further in the future.

    There is a new logo in Arabic, but it is only for the Corporate identity.

    Here is a link to the corporate website where the Arabic logo is visible.

    We are using the English version only to not confuse the customers, and make the brand clear.

    Cinescape Team

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