Interesting Business Card Designs


This is a link to a blog post that contains 70 different business card designs. A lot of nice looking cards, my favorites are the interactive ones like the one pictured above. [Link]

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I love some of these… I don’t know how they come up with some of these ideas, and some of them must cost a fortune to produce, but kudos to the designers for doing something different, I love it!

Too bad the printers in Kuwait are extrememly limited and would not be able to do 90% of those designs. Anyone know some good printers in the region?

Realist: British Industries printing press are the best from what I have seen, true professionalism but they’re not cheap! Otherwise the little shops scattered in Shuwaikh and Hawally are capable of nearly anything, given the design & right explanation;p

Very creative ideas. I love that. I’m so sick and tired of the traditional cards. But I don’t think these would stand a chance with a card reader so that may be a problem – with regards to practicality.

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