MasterCards new logo

Mastercards new logo

What the hell happened here? Why can’t people just leave things alone?
I can’t believe another classic just bit the dust… [Link]

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i like there new design to, it looks modern to me. 😉 the old was too plain and simple.

i dun get what the middle translucent circle is meant to be.
i always thought the classic one was two worlds interconnecting, ie wherever you are in the world it’ll work with your bank back home.

so wtf were they meant to mean if the middle thingy is now the world ?

man, that’s hideous! it looks like one of those unproffessional designs done by people who just learned gradients- and as we say here, “shoghol bas6at”

does the big new blob being skewed to the right indicate a new Mastercard global policy of turning right-wing and getting all fascist on us, or maybe it’s to embrace “The East” so they can suck up to the Chinese and get on the good side of Al-Q.

I like it – though it looks something that a scientific community would adopt – y’know like stem-cell research, cloning etc. 😀

“The familiar interlocking circles that symbolize MasterCard to millions of consumers around the world will continue to appear on all MasterCard-branded cards and at merchant acceptance locations around the world.”

“…the MasterCard brand, which appears on MasterCard credit, debit and prepaid cards…will not change”

So what I understand, then, is that the new logo applies to the mother company only–the classic MasterCard logo won’t change. Thank G*d, coz the new one is damn fugly.

wow….its amazing that they would mess with such a classic!!

Im glad it wont affect all the credit cards everywhere, and hopefully its not used as much, I dont want to see it, it hurts my eyes, and it confuses me!!

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