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Nuqat are mostly known for the creative conference which they hold every year (one of the largest in our region), but throughout the year they also offer various workshops and courses related to the creative field as well. Last week they launched a new membership program that includes a lot of benefits and if you’re planning to attend this years creative conference then you should probably sign up to it. Some of the benefits include:

– Free admission ticket to the Nuqat annual conference, not including workshops
– 15% discount on any paid event
– 15% discount on paid workshops and courses
– Access to a set of free courses during the year
– Priority seats to free and paid workshops and courses during the year
– Quarterly E-Newsletter: Receive exclusive up-to-date news on what’s happening in Nuqat.
– Invites/Priority seats to events of interest including: gallery previews, think tank sessions, research discussions, roundtables, film screenings, private musical performances, networking events etc.
– Discounts from various partners [Details Here]


The annual membership costs KD35 but admission ticket alone to the Nuqat annual conference this year for example is KD45 (unless a sponsor subsidies it). So if you’re planning to attend the talks this year then just by becoming a member you’re already saving KD10. If you’re interested and are looking for more information, check out the Nuqat page [Here]

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Is that like Ted talks.

    • Mark says:

      the annual event? hmmm yes and no, its focused mostly around the creative industry, there are lots of activities that place during the week from social gatherings, workshops, musical events etc.. so the talks part is probably similar to ted talks but there are other things also going on around those talks

  2. Brohammed says:

    When and where is the next conference to take place?

  3. Yousef says:

    What is the format of the annual event? Is it like a weekend conference, one speaker after another, crammed in? Is the primary language Arabic, or English?

    And, is it worth it, really?

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