DIY: Repairing my Oracle Coffee Machine

Many of you have probably ordered an item online because it wasn’t available in Kuwait. But, what do you do if that item breaks down?

Last month, my Breville coffee machine developed a leak. I didn’t realize at first since the leak wasn’t that much, but then the leak got worse and I started finding a pool of water under my coffee machine. Since they don’t sell Breville coffee machines in Kuwait there wasn’t much I could do so I continued using the machine and just dried up the pool of water whenever it formed. Eventually, the leak got even worse and it was short-circuiting the machine and shutting off the power to my whole apartment. I stopped using my machine and started having my coffee at Arabica, but that gets pretty expensive really fast. 2 lattes + a Pain au Chocolat every day (best Pain au Chocolat period so I can’t resist) is just over KD80 a month. I had to make a decision, either I needed to get a new machine or fix the one I have.

I decided to open up my coffee machine to see exactly what was leaking and right away I found the problem. Turns out the leak was coming from the internal boiler, whenever the water heated it up, the boiler would start leaking from the top. I shot a video which you can see above. I googled my problem and found out the issue was because of the o-rings, little circular rubber pieces that are located between the tubing and the boiler unit.

Breville doesn’t sell these pieces themselves, but I ended up finding a store in Australia that sold an o-ring kit for around 3.5KD. I ordered the kit and once it arrived I found a video on YouTube of a guy changing the o-rings on his Breville coffee machine and copied what he did on mine.

End result? My coffee machine is working again! I sorted out all the leaks and I’m back to making my coffee at home. I was lucky my coffee machine was a pretty easy fix but it’s something you’re always risking when buying stuff online. But, if you ever develop a problem, it’s worth trying to fix it yourself before throwing it out. You don’t have anything to lose anyway.

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i also suspect a problem with my oracle, the coffee puck is too wet, tried changes the temp, grind size, tamping pressure, nothing works,
unfortunately there isn’t any service center to identify the problem and just stuck with it.

after extraction the puck looks like a swamp, its dark and looks like a plant soil,
when i first got it, the it was brown and drier,

Is the o-ring kit specific for the machine? Because if not, they should be food-grade silicone and not any universal rubber.

Great job!

Good to see that you took the effort to repair the machine, rather than chuck it away for a new one, which appears to be the default nowadays.

Hello mike! I bought a Breville machine that have just arrived from ubuy. So there’s a problem from my first use, the coffee tastes like water and I have a baristas friend that tried to know what’s wrong but no results. So i was wondering if u may contact me for more details. Email [email protected]

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