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As most of you know by now, my obsession du jour is currently coffee, specifically lattes. I just started having them for the first time around 2 months back and I’ve been hooked ever since. Like everything I obsess over, I start really getting into, reading as much as I can and watching endless hours of videos until I know the subject inside out, and thats what I have been doing with coffee machines. Arabica had already passed me a small coffee machine to play around with, the Delonghi Magnifica S but I quickly grew out of it and wanted more. So I started doing a lot of research and had finally decided on the Breville Dual Boiler unit with the Smart Grinder Pro. Just to clear something up quickly, Breville is called Sage in the UK so the machine is listed on Amazon UK as the Sage Dual Boiler not Breville.


The reason I decided on the Breville Dual Boiler is because it would allow me to pull my espresso shot while at the same time I can steam the milk. That option was important for me since it would save me a lot of time and was a closer experience to the professional coffee machines. You would think pulling shots and steaming at the same time would be a common feature with these machines but they actually aren’t except in the higher end models. Coffee and steam both require different temperatures, so with single boiler units, you either pull your espresso shot first, then wait for the boiler to heat up to a higher temp so you can steam your milk or the other way around, you steam your milk and then wait for the water to cool down before pulling your espresso shot. With dual boiler units, one boiler is set at the correct temp for coffee, the other for steam and you can perform both tasks at the same time.


After finally deciding on my machine, I placed the order on Amazon UK and then posted the article on the blog on how you could order expensive appliances from Amazon UK and end up paying less than the listed UK price and get it shipped to your doorstep here in Kuwait. That night, like every night for the past few weeks I was watching random videos on youtube on coffee machines and I came across a video review of the Breville Oracle. I was a bit surprised because I thought the unit I was getting was there top of the line model but the Oracle was even a step above mine. The Dual Boiler didn’t have a built in coffee grinder so I was ordering the Smart Grinder Pro along with the unit but the Oracle had one built in. There was another Breville model that had a built in grinder called the Breville Express, but that unit had a single boiler and I didn’t know there was a dual boiler also with a built in grinder.

But the Oracle not only had a grinder and a dual boiler, but it also had a feature I hadn’t seen on any other machine during my research, it not only ground the beans, but it also filled up the portafilter with the correct amount of coffee and then tamped it (check the video I shot above). But that wasn’t the only trick up its sleeve, the Oracle also automatically steamed the milk for you but unlike most automatic steamers, the Oracle allowed you to set the temperature of the milk and generated micro-foams so you could create latte art. So I quickly headed to Amazon to check the price and it was around KD500 shipped to Kuwait, around KD100 more than the cost of the Dual Boiler and Smart Grinder Pro units I had ordered. The KD400 I was paying for my items was already more than I wanted to spend on an obsession I’ll probably be bored of in a months time, so I wasn’t going to pay even more for the Oracle.


Randomly, the next day, I get an email from my classified section. Every time someone posts an item for sale, I get an email informing me what the item is so I can make sure people aren’t selling anything inappropriate. The email I got that afternoon was informing me that someone was selling the Oracle in my classified section, it was in like new condition and he was asking KD250 for it. Right away I got in touch with the guy and asked him if he’d let it go for KD200, he agreed and I headed over 30 minutes later and picked up the machine. The guy turned out to be a reader of my blog and after reading about how you could order appliances from Amazon UK, had ordered his 6th coffee machine. Since he wasn’t using the Oracle, he decided to sell it which is how I ended up with the unit. Such a strange coincidence.


I’ve now had the Oracle for close to a week and I’m just so in love with it. Setting up the machine was fairly easy to do, the most important aspect you need to get right is dialing in how fine you want your beans to be ground. There are 65 levels to choose from but selecting the correct level is fairly easy with a bit of trial and error. With every espresso pull you should get around 20-25ml of espresso, if you get more than that you need to grind your beans finer, if you get less than that you need to grind your beans coarser. Once you set that the first time, as long as you continue to use the same beans you’ll get a consistent espresso pull every single time. I’m using the Arabica Blend of beans from Arabica and the coffee I’ve been producing is as good as the coffee I would get at their shop. I even stole a few empty cups from them so I could compare the volume I was making to theirs and I’ve basically nailed it now. I also experimented with 6 different kinds of milk before settling on the full fat Lactofree milk from Almarai. The steamer in the Oracle is so ridiculously good, I have the temperature set at 60 degrees which is when the milk is at its sweetest point and combined with the Lactofree milk I end up with such a deliciously sweet tasting milk. I’ve even been steaming milk for my hot chocolate and god damn the hot chocolates I am making are coming out so good.


Over the past week I’ve made a whole variety of coffees for friends from Americanos, Cappucinos, Lattes to straight up espresso shots, and everyone just thought it was the best shit ever. And it’s all because of the machine and the beans. Although I am physically at the machine making the coffee, I’m really not doing much, it’s the machine that is really doing all the work for me while making it look like I’m the amazing barista. I also don’t really have anything negative thing to say about the machine. I kinda wish I had more space on top of the machine for all my cups but thats a minor quibble. The machine also does go through a lot of coffee beans. 500 grams of beans make around 22 cups of coffee give or take. The Arabica Blend of beans I get is KD10 for 500 grams which means every espresso pull costs me around 450 fils. A liter of milk is 450 fils so add around 150 fils and each latte I make costs me roughly 600 fils. At Arabica it costs KD1.850 for a similar sized latte so I’m saving KD1.250 per cup when I make it at home. Since I paid only KD200 for my machine and I have 3 lattes a day, that means I’ll recoup the cost of the machine in less than 2 months time. Not a bad deal at all. Cleaning the machine is fairly easy, I’ve developed a routine I perform at the end of the night and it just takes around 5 minutes which is a small price to pay for great consistent coffee.

As you can tell from this post I love this machine and I can’t recommend it enough. I really wanted to dig into even more details about what makes this machine special but it would be too long of a post and I’d bore 90% of you talking about little things nobody really cares about. Instead if you want to find out even more about the machine then I’d recommend you watch [This Video] on Youtube, they give a great rundown of the machines features. I then suggest you head to Amazon UK and order one since this really is the only coffee machine you ever need [Link]

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This is exactly why I read your blog.
Ridiculous detail but still very informative and even mildly entertaining, even though I have no interest in the subject.

Nice, Mark! Enjoy the new baby and take care of her (or him) There’s also something nostalgic about the way you’ve written this one article out, it sounds like an old you.

All what you need to do now is buy a black marker, write your name on the cup when you’re done and call yourself out.

Instead of the milliliter rule for the expresso shot, use the second rule.
Its much better that way and is more consistent.
Also try the Cohiba atmosphere coffee from Cuba, It make one of the finest expresso shots.

I actually use the combination of the second and millimeter rule, it’s more accurate than just the second rule. Just using the second rule is not accurate since 10 seconds of a really fine grind of beans will give you a completely different outcome compared to 10 seconds with a coarsly ground bean.

The optimum result is to poor 20-25ml shot in an X amount of time. That time on the Oracle is 30 seconds for a double shot. So first 9 seconds its pre-infusing and the remaining 21 seconds its pulling.

This of course varies from machine to machine but its what is best for the Oracle.

Why does the background advertisement about Massaleh Towers make it sound like it just newly opened? That building is over 25 years old.

Can i open a debate hear , about the crazy trend after Nespresso in kuwait ?
and how do you expert guys from comments above compare this machines against capsule machines !!!

Lets have that discussion. To being with, you cannot generalize. Capsules vary in quality. Nespresso being the king of them all by a few miles. There are others like the Nescafe Gusto which appeals to the masses.

I prefer the Nespresso machine over the Manual ones.

I have a Barista Express and Nespresso machine . I’ve shifted from the ‘manual’ Barista to Nespresso totally because the maintenance (10mins even) wasn’t a priority in my daily routine and my Nespresso cleans itself and gives me great coffee.

Secondly, with my barista I used to invest in great coffee beans but realized no matter how air tight I stored them, after I opened the vacuum packs, the coffee doesn’t taste the same into the 8-10th brew. Nespresso has an advantage there.

I’m thinking of selling my Barista and getting myself a Nespresso Gran Maestria. All said and done, you cannot go wrong either way. With coffee you get what you pay for.

I had a delongi mid range manual machine long time ago but as you said its need mai te ance and cleaning . I sold it and since i use italian press coffee maker with lavazza or coffee shops mainstream packets. now mark got me tempted with his diamond machine but like u sad Nespresso looks good for price quality at the end.

Nespresso machines look pretty and are cheap but you’re stuck using their capsules and with the coffee scene in kuwait exploding i like the fact i can buy freshly roasted beans from them to use at home. i’ve only been buying beans from Arabica and they have a bunch of single origin beans to choose from and prices range from 5kd up to 25kd per 250 grams. You can also choose the roasting level and they whole process takes less than 10 minutes so you can get freshly roasted beans while you wait. maybe i should post about that in a separate post.

I think the illy machine is better than the nesspreso one cuz thy only use illy capsules.
lately I feel nesspreso coffe isnt that strong anymore (tried most of them).

I don’t have any coffee after 4 and that seems to solve it. Once a week though I have trouble sleeping but I think it’s more of an excuse for me to go get ice cream from Baskin Robbins at 3 in the morning…

Finally someone who appreciates lattes. By the way, where can you take the machine if it needed maintenance or some sort of technical care?

no where in Kuwait, I’d have to send it to Dubai. Unless Xcite can service it since they’re Breville dealers although don’t carry any of the machines here.

Amazing review! I want one now too!! Seriously though you mentioned your ‘classified’ section, is that part of this site? Are there are any sites in Kuwait that typically sell quality second hand goods like this? Highly unlikely that another would be for sale so soon but for me 500kd is just too pricey.

Great post. You could write up the details you wanted to get into, in another post, and perhaps post a link in this article; many of us would read it.

Maybe you mentioned this up there and I missed it- but what happened with the order you placed for the other Breville machine, before you found out about the Oracle?

Have you though about buying the beans from somewhere else? 10kd for 500 grams is crazy. Buy 1 kilo from Alameed Coffee for 5 kd and compare it.

At the moment I’m really happy with the beans I’m getting. I already ordered another bean hopper so I could put decaf beans in that but I’ll probably get them from Arabica as well.

I should mention removing the bean hopper and swapping it with another one is really simple in this machine. Inside the bean hopper is a switch, when you turn it it closes the bottom opening and unlocks the hopper from the machine. You can then take it out and put another hopper in. So you could have a hopper with regular coffee and another with decaf and be able to swap between them fairly easily.

I was thinking about getting this machine but read some cons online that are significant to me. I’d appreciate your feedback.

Does it have the EU auto-off after only 20 minutes?

Since the machine is set to 21g only, how different are the espresso shots when you choose single vs double?

How is the quality of the drip tray especially the stainless steel? Does it easily stain? Is it hard to clean?


It has auto-off but you set the time, i have it auto off after 8 hours of no use, basically stays on all day with me like that. i turn it off manually at night and have it come on again 8am.

I just realized that the amount of dose per espresso is listed in the specs, 22 grams. I had to manually mark down on a piece of paper every time i made a coffee so i could calculate how much it uses for this review. but i was right, 11 cups per 250 grams. anyway back to your question, no idea i only have double shots with my latte, i had a single shot cappuccino and that tasted pretty much like my latte. I don’t drink coffee without milk so wouldn’t be able to give you an answer to your question.

drip tray is stainless, doesn’t stain, i clean it every night with water and coffee stains just wipe off with a gentle swipe of my finger.

let me know if u have any more questions.

Thanks Mark,

I’ve just realised that your machine is brevill and not sage. I’ve read on reviews that the sage branded one sold in the EU has a maximum of 20 minutes auto off due to legal EU requirements. It cannot be set longer than that. Do you know from where the previous owner bought the machine?

According to the Sage Oracle manual:

Auto Off
This function sets how long the machine will stay turned on without any activity.
It can be set for 10mins, 30mins, 1hr,
2hrs, 3hrs, 4hrs, 5hrs, 6hrs, 7hrs or 8hrs
of inactivity time until Auto Off activates. To change Auto Off time, press SELECT dial, current Auto Off setting is displayed. Rotate SELECT dial to select required time, press SELECT dial to con rm. Machine will beep once to con rm new setting.

Thinking of buying the Oracle as well. However I’m worried about how to fix it in case it needs to go to the shop in the future. Can it be fixed in Kuwait? Is there a dealer in Kuwait?

I was thinking about purchasing one of breville”Sage” coffee machines but im worried about if any major issue arise and i wont be able to fix it. Do breville”sage” have a dealer in kuwait ?

Mark, I need to buy one Oracle dual boiler new or used one, or even Barista Express , from where I can get it?

Hey guys, Im selling my Sunbeam Manual coffee machine & Breville Grinder. Any tips on where to post it for sale? Selling both for 150KD – Imported from Australia

Post your adv on OLX kuwait, and post also on Open sooq kuwait, search them or use app, also Facebook American expats in kuwait many pages or groups like this in kuwait.

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