Is Majlis Dissolved?


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What’s with all these royal shananigans? If y’all want democracy to prevail, let it work its way! If you’re gonna dissolve the assembly after every couple of years, things won’t work out!!


My God nothing new here, the majlis is like a war zone, many cases happened in there, one case of fighting with fists, other cases of people throwing shoes, and other cases people went drunk in the majlis, and even other cases people complained about Kuwaiti women should wear hijab, while its their own free will to wear one or not.

My goodness, i was in kuwait for a long time more than 20 years, and yet this still happens, and yet still no change happens at all.

first they increase the petrol, then they agreed to return it but its not confirmed, and now how can you change the petrol price back to normal if the Majlis is dissolved???

so now we have to keep paying more?

yet instead of fighting like savages, the oil economy is not going well, go ahead and fix things before this situation is going to head even worse/

the oil prices is not even reaching 80 dollars and even Saudi Arabian wants to make it 80 dollars, while other economist say its impossible.

Its funny how this majlis was so against the people in kuwait, they deducted from the kuwaiti people salary because of the person who stole the people’s money, according to what i’ve learned, if the same gang won the next election, the country is gonna get from worse to worst,
we don’t want any money from the majlis, all what we want is for them to stop applying rules without proper planning, they are putting all the changes against the citizens kuwaiti or expats, i feel sorry for what’s happening to us!

it is dissolved because of the timing of summer election, election during the winter has better and more voters than summer, because alot of people travels.

other then that, no reason at all.

Just another day in Kuwait, life goes on.
Tough breaking old habits of dissolving and then reconstituting. I think they call it Play Therapy. Wink wink

Parlaiment is what has left Kuwait stagnant since the sixties. There has been no real infrastructural modernization because of Parliament. Kuwait should be decades ahead of the entire GCC but it is lagging behind them. When you look at why it’s easy to tell why. The only GCC country with a Parliament is Kuwait. The rest don’t have that problem. In fact it was Parliament that allowed the big business to take over the country, just like democracy did in the United States of America. If you want the country to move ahead you need to get rid of the one thing that’s holding you back. Every body wants to blame the politicians for messing with the salaries of Kuwaitis when it’s really the big businesses that have caused all this mess. It’s like this. The big companies raise their prices, so the politicians can buy the peoples votes with promises to raise salaries. Then the MPs stage fights so that the Emir is forced to dissolve parliament causing snap elections. Hit reset and start then process all over again. This causes the treasury to start get affected especially since the price of oil is down and Kuwait has not been able to explore alternative forms of income to the economy due to Parliament.
Now I know that everyone likes to blame the Expats for the country’s problems. That’s just another tool for the politicians to use to keep the Kuwaitis ignorant of the real situation. Look at how they use that in the USA and UK. In the USA the Republican Party was forced to acknowledge a candidate they can’t stand because he used the tool of division and hatred against foreigners. In the UK they were lied to and made to believe that by choosing Brexit they could stop the foreigners from coming into the country. Now they face a possible division of the UK because Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland want to leave UK and be with the European Union.
I agree that having a population of Expats that outnumbers the citizens can be problematic but then again the UAE also has the same issue. The difference is they include the expats in the society and they encourage them to bring their families with them by making it easier for them to do so. This helps the economy keeping the majority of the money that these expats earn within the country instead if being sent out to their home countries. If the country were to discourage single expats from coming to Kuwait to work and live, it will reduce corruption of the local culture and crimes like prostitution.
I notice how everyone likes to say that the UAE is better than Kuwait. And it is in many ways, but that is because they don’t have any form of democracy. THAT is one thing most people leave out when they talk about the UAE. Also, they promote Emerati culture instead of Western culture. As for their relationship with their Expat communities, they include them into their society and treat them better than Westerners treat their Expat communities. They do all this because they do not have the cancer that is known as democracy in their governments.

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