Cereal Killer Cafe Opening in Kuwait


Cereal Killer Cafe is a British franchise that serves over a 100 different kinds of cereals. It’s one of those places people tell you to visit after posting a picture on instagram showing that you’re in London and now they’re opening up in Kuwait. The cafe is going to be located in the same building as Arabica coffee in Kuwait City, just at the other end of the building. According to their instagram account @cerealkillercafekw, they will be opening before the end of this year so pretty soon.

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Is it expensive? lol cereal is dirt cheap but this place doesn’t look like it is. If they have lucky charms mixed with loads of stuff i’d still pay for it tho lol yummy!

according to the email i got from General Mills:


[email protected]

to me
Hello Mark :

Thank you for contacting General Mills with your inquiry. In answer to your question, the gelatin that is used in the marshmallows of the cereal is derived from pork.

We hope you find this information helpful. Please let us know if we can help you again.

Thank you,

Paula A. Vaughn
Customer Care Specialist

seriously? this place. Don’t know why they franchising it. Simple idea cereal and milk, not really ripping anyone off if you open your own cereal bar.

Lol, it’s true though. Kuwaitis will be clamoring to eat anything if it comes from “Landan”, which is a surprise because british food is garbage. The best food in London is Indian, that gives you an idea about how good British food is.

Isn’t it out of fashion to accuse “Kuwaitis” of blindly following a trend or a brand based on its origins?

Also, it’s a cuisine you’re talking about (British or Indian), not just food. So yeah, some cuisines are more popular than others; and the days where good cuisines are exclusively found in their country-of-origin, are over. This is why Indian food is good on London.

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