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We wanted to take advantage of the sponsored posts to reach out and give you guys a walk through our website,

The website aims to give people access to professionals that can solve their contracting needs, and, make the whole contracting process a bit less of the struggle than it already is. We have a little over 500 companies across different categories registered right now, hopefully all with the aim of giving people a bit more power and reach.

With the permission of one of our users, we’ll use their project as an example of how the process works. To kick start a project, click on the request quotations tab where you’ll be required to input your projects detail as in the image below. In this case, the user wanted to install security cameras, and used the space in “Other Info” to add some details to the request. In this case, the user needed 10 security cameras with the ability to record up to 3 months with night vision.


Once submitted, all contractors in the category (“security systems and camera” in this example} will be notified of your new request for free. If you’re curious, they’ll be notified by email and through the moqawalat website. To get more eyeballs on your project, you can feature it on the website, and/or send an SMS to all relevant contractors with your request for 10KD each. The SMS notification in particular has proven to be pretty effective if your goal is to get as many quotes as possible. Rest assured though, you will still be reaching everyone needed if you opt to not pay anything.


Now that the contractors are notified, you will start to receive some quotes. Depending on the details you have provided in your original request, some will be able to give you a quote right away as you can see in the picture above, while others will want further details.

To give further details (or bargain), you can use the website itself to message the contractor and upload additional pictures or layouts if needed.


Hopefully once you’re done with all that, you’ll have found your contractor and agreed on a fix for your problem. Admittedly, the process itself has not been perfected yet as we keep on refining, but it certainly works and hopefully offers a slight improvement on how things are currently done.

One final but key point, several users have complained about finding their registration emails landing in their spam folders, so if you’re going through the sign up process make sure to check your spam folder while we try to figure this out (Sorry!).

If you face any problems using the website or want to get in touch, leave a comment otherwise here’s where you can find us –
Cell: +965 90094055
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @moqawalat
Instagram: @moqawalatkw

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That is true; you can see that the customer we are showcasing on our post sent out a message to the contractors to pass by for a site inspection at “Tuesday noon” for a more accurate quotation.

You can either do the same in order to get precise quotations or you can receive more rough estimations based solely on the information you provide – keep in mind the more information and supporting documents you provide in your project details, the more the quotations will be accurate without a site visit.


The 10KD will send out an SMS to every contractor registered under the category of your project – it is not charged per SMS. What happens in a normal case is that all the contractors would under the requested category would receive an email notification about a new project waiting for quotation – the SMS is an additional notification to the contractors which has proven to be affective in getting more quotations to your project.

It is priced at 10KD in order to cover our costs as we have to purchase the SMSs in order to provide that service.

You are free to consider my comment racist or inappropriate, be sure and dont be uncomfortable on requesting none Egyptian workers when you call any company. The 1 million KD adivice.

What a great idea to streamline the process of finding contractors at the best prices. Hope to see a lot more companies join the platform. All the best guys

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