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I was only made aware of this recently by a friend. We were talking about coffee machines and he suggested I order one from Amazon UK and have them ship it directly to Kuwait without using a forwarding mailbox (Amazon ships some items abroad). I told him shipping would be too expensive and wouldn’t be worth it. He then told me that when you ship stuff directly to Kuwait with Amazon UK, they remove the 20% VAT during check out. So I added a few items to my cart and tried to check out and he was right.

Once Amazon removes the 20% VAT and add the international shipping cost to Kuwait, the price basically evens out and you end up paying no shipping or next to nothing for shipping when compared to the original listed price. So you could buy stuff from the UK and get it delivered to you in Kuwait for a cost less than if you lived in the UK and bought it yourself over there. Here are some examples to make this clearer:

Sage Dual Boiler Coffee Machine
Listed Price: KD 382
Price shipped to Kuwait: KD 368

Sage Smart Grinder Pro
Listed Price: KD 70
Price shipped to Kuwait: KD 77

Xbox One S FIFA 17 Bundle (500GB)
Listed Price: KD 94
Price shipped to Kuwait: KD 93

Vitamix Standard Blender (Certified Refurbished)
Listed Price: KD 123
Price shipped to Kuwait: KD 127

So as you can see from above this works better when the item is expensive since the 20% VAT would be worth more than the cost of shipping the item to Kuwait. The items would be shipped using AmazonGlobal Priority which uses one of Amazon’s shipping partners like DHL or UPS. The items would be delivered to your door in Kuwait in around a weeks time. The voltage in the UK is also similar to Kuwait so you won’t need power transformers or anything of the sort. So if you’re looking for an item that you can’t find in Kuwait or you’ve found it but is too expensive, try finding it on Amazon UK, it might come out to be a pretty good deal.

Update: One thing to add, the “Price shipped to Kuwait” includes an “Import Fees Deposit”. Basically the customs fee for importing the item into Kuwait. Once your package gets delivered, Amazon will refund you either the full deposit or partial amount from the deposit. So the actual price you pay is even cheaper than what I have listed above

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Just added that bit of info to the end of the post.

The “Price shipped to Kuwait” includes an “Import Fees Deposit”. Basically the customs fee for importing the item into Kuwait. Once your package gets delivered, Amazon will refund you either the full deposit or partial amount from the deposit. So the actual price you pay is even cheaper than what I have listed above

Well you can already order small items using forwarding services like shop and ship and postaplus and it would probably be cheaper unless its a small expensive item where the 20% VAT is more than the shipping cost.

Would it be cheaper than using amazon directly though? In my experience the PO Box services are more expensive, at least for MyUS compared to direct shipping from Amazon US.

MyUS is expensive, more expensive than Aramex and PostaPlus and by a considerable amount. But again it depends on what you are ordering, how much it costs, what the weight is etc…

Yeah I think it took me a couple orders to realize this. I got some vinyls, speed isn’t exactly a priority. But $45-$85 (some were heavier) is too much for shipping.

So I think I’ll open up a Posta Plus or Shop and Ship for those orders.

Which one is cheaper, Shop and Ship or PostaPlus? Are there any other similar websites?

(Not for heavy items, 1 or 2 kg maximum)

Do they ship via courier (FedEx, DHL) or Royal mail? In the latter it will arrive at Kuwait post office. Also, Do you use physical home address for delivery or Kuwait P.O. Box?

I was wondering about this as well. There are basically two options for international shipping on Amazon: “Standard” and “Amazon Global Priority.” Does anyone know if “Standard” is sent via FedEx, DHL, etc., and in other words does it come straight to your house through “Standard” or is there a chance you have to go look for your item God-knows-where in one of Kuwait’s post offices? Some items ship to Kuwait, but only only for Standard shipping with no option for Amazon Global Priority, which I assume is always through courier (I’ve done AGP and it worked fine).

Guys I clearly mention this in my post. AmazonGlobal Priority ships with one of their partnered couriers which is DHL or UPS.

AmazonGlobal Standard isn’t even an option for the items I’ve listed which means its most likely not an option for any electronic item. AmazonGlobal Standard is regular mail, it won’t arrive to your doorstep and it won’t take a few days. This information is listed on the Amazon website.

The reason Buzz asked is because Royal Mail is basically the equivalent of USPS, which will eventually make it to Kuwait, but with no guarantee of coming directly to your door. Royal Mail is one of Amazon’s shipping partners, but even on the site it is not clear if Amazon utilizes Royal Mail for “Standard” shipping to Kuwait.

I’ve updated the post to make this even clearer. All the items I listed ship ONLY with AmazonGlobal Priority and not Standard. I am assuming all their electronics can only be shipped that way since I haven’t had an item yet which has given me AmazonGlobal Standard as an option.

If there is any confusion you can always clarify this information with Amazon themselves. They have a live chat option so no need to email them or call them.

When you visit the product page put the country you want to dispatch to as Kuwait and you will get the message “No sellers are currently delivering this item to Kuwait.”

I found an equivalent item that ships to Kuwait. Does this look like a good deal to you?

Order Summary
Items: GBP 498.92
Postage & Packing: GBP 228.04
Total before VAT: GBP 726.96
VAT: GBP 0.00
Import Fees Deposit GBP 36.36
Order Total: GBP 763.32

But why would they remove the VAT? It’s a tax that’s levied on the seller not the consumer. If VAT was a direct tax then this would make sense to me

How can I open an Amazon UK account? I have a US Amazon account but I can’t buy things from UK Amazon.

I have no UK bank account or CC and no home address in UK. I am, however, British.

Yeah. Sorry. Don’t know what I was thinking.

Possibly that my Amazon Prime account is not valid in UK or something.

Lol, this only works because the pound is falling. I suggest you wait till next year when

1 pound=1 $

Actually, this could happen later this year.

I will let one of you plebes use my APO/AE free of charge if you let me in one of these underground kuwaiti parties i keep hearing about.

Damn you mark, five minutes after reading the post i couldn’t resist and I ordered my 5th coffee machine: The new JURA E6 ( i already have the dual boiler as my manualmachine and a Delonghi primadonna exclusive as my super automatic
the jura ended up costing my less than half the list price in dubai

I actually got the primadonna exclusive last night, it was the display model since last piece but when I got home I found out it had been used so returned it. Now getting the dual boiler instead.

I’m assuming that you’re also getting the Sage smart grinder pro?
Cant unlock the full taste of coffee without a fresh grind 🙂

yeah, i actually placed the order last night for the two but canceled this morning since i’m checking with xcite if they can order it for me since they’re the Breville dealers locally.

Okay here’s my REAL question: What address are you getting it sent to? Your house/apartment address or your work address??
I looked at getting mail a few years ago but apparently although there is a govt. run country mailing “organisation,” they did not home deliver- home deliveries are only handled by the courier companies.
Are you saying Amazon will deliver direct to my door?

you’re mixing up between pobox mail and door to door mail. When you have items shipped by a courier like UPS, DHL, FedEx etc.. they deliver right to you wherever you are so an office, home, shop, parking lot whatever. Po Box mail works differently. The shipper has to mail it using regular mail like USPS in the States and Royal Mail in the UK and that mail will be sent to your mailbox. If you don’t have a mailbox it arrives to a mail sorting facility and you’ll have to pick it up there yourself.

I’m not so sure that your coffee machine will be working ok. ALL the appliances that I got from UK (I was there for two years so shipped all my stuff to Kuwait) have died after a while. Hair dryers, expensive coffee macine (£450), dyson dc39 (I’m still crying over it), vax vacuum and other small stuff.
I hope you have better luck!

That coffee machine is called Breville in the US. I was wondering why not buy a la marzocco instead? Why’d you choose this brand in particular?

Just a thought. If I order an item from a brand that has an official dealer locally, would it be a problem or not? Wondering if it would be stopped at customs etc.

It shouldn’t. There is a dealer for basically everything in Kuwait and yet everyone continues to order online since local dealers can be a lot more expensive or don’t carry a certain product.

I’m trying to order the same machine, Amazon U.K. is handling my order normally, there is no mention of global shipping deal. Is it a back office process where I order normally and they refund the money later, or do I need to fill a special form? Do I need to be a Prime member? Appreciate it if you can support a fellow coffee lover 🙂

I want to use this service as my wife need a kitchen aid mixer which is 193kwd and at amazon U.K. with delivery its 134 Kwd. I was just concerned about the warranty, if the machine have any problem after sometime where we can claim the warranty any advices please

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