Netflix US Working Again in Kuwait

Post by Mark

I stopped using Netflix awhile back since the US version stopped working with my DNS Proxy provider and the Kuwait version lacked all the real estate reality shows I enjoy watching (like Beachfront Bargain Hunt). But recently, my DNS provider Smart DNS Proxy fixed the issue and Netflix US has started working again in Kuwait. According to their support page dating September 30th:

We have restored Netflix for many of our users and are working on getting everyone back ASAP. If you see a “United States 01-10” region here, give it a try! Browsers should work without any other changes, devices may need static routes setup.

So there you have it, if you want to use the US version of Netflix in Kuwait you can now do so again. It’s $4.99 a month for the proxy account and you can get it [Link]

Update: There seems to be a bit of confusion regarding Netflix US vs Netflix Kuwait. If you aren’t using a proxy, then you’re accessing Netflix Kuwait. It doesn’t matter if you have a Netflix US account with a US credit card, if you’re in Kuwait you’ll automatically access Netflix Kuwait. Netflix Kuwait and Netflix US look exactly the same, but the Netflix Kuwait library is a lot smaller. Here is a simple test to tell which Netflix you have. Search for the show “Lakefront Bargain Hunt”. If you have Netflix US it will show up, if you have Netflix Kuwait it will tell you not found.

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  1. Anon says:

    So Mark, is it working with your AppleTV or similar product or just through the browser?

    US netflix has been working on Safari for me for a while (3 months at least) but its not really practical.

  2. Yusuf says:

    Any idea how to get Spotify working in Kuwait whether at home or outside?

    • Mark says:

      Spotify works without a vpn, proxy or anything. I’ve been using it daily since 2011. All you need to do is use a VPN the very FIRST time to sign up and create an account. After that you can use Spotify anywhere in the world.

      Note: This is based on the paid version of Spotify since thats what I’ve been using since the start, no idea how the free version works or if the free version even works in Kuwait.

      • Noor says:

        Mark, do you use a credit card to pay for Spotify or gift cards? I’m trying to figure out the best way to pay since it doesn’t accept my Kuwaiti based credit card or Paypal account.

      • Yousef says:

        Free version works in Kuwait. You’ll need a VPN to sign in the first time, then you can use it for 14 days before they tell you that your country isn’t supported. At that point, just sign in again with your VPN on and you’ll have another 14 days.

    • Rippedtit says:

      A neat fix I found a year ago.

      1)Download tunnelbear,
      2)Log into tunnelbear, set your desired country (U.K, U.S)
      3)Log into Spotify, It should be working.

      Note: This gives you a good 2-3 months of usage without the error showing up, once it does just rinse repeat :)

    • Yousef says:

      Spotify does not need a VPN to work in Kuwait (premium version). Best way to get it is to buy yourself a gift card either from Spotify directly (I think you DO need to have a vpn to access their site, but that’s the only time you need it), or from another website that accepts your credit card.

      You won’t find the app in the store if you have your region set as Kuwait. For Android, you can just google the .apk file and download it, not sure about iphone.

      Once you’ve done that, you’ll be free to listen to it anywhere without VPN!

  3. Dun says:

    For non browser devices (Apple TV, Smart TV, Fire TV, etc..) you still need to add static routes on the router. Otherwise it will still be a hit and miss (overwhelmingly miss). These static routes prevent Netflix from checking Google’s geo location service.

    more here:

    • Anon says:

      I did static routing when the issue first popped up, worked for a while but then netflix completely blocked even that. I’m using StrongDns and after contacting support and waiting a few weeks they found a fix but only on the browser.

      After waiting a month for them to fix it without success, i simply canceled my netflix subscription. I keep checking every few weeks to see if StrongDns have fixed the issue but it seems they haven’t yet and honestly their tech support was crap so im not anticipating a fix anytime soon. Hope i’m wrong.

  4. Mohd says:

    Anyone has a solution for Hulu? They no longer accepting my Kuwait credit card.

  5. khaled says:

    I just set up the service and netflix is still detecting proxy…did you try it out ??

  6. Hanz says:

    It is not working anymore.
    “We have encountered an issue with Netflix today . Our Network team is already aware of this issue and now actively working. We don’t have specific time frame for the fix but our Network Engineers are now engaged on resolving this issue.

    Thank you for your understanding”

    • khaled says:

      Thanks for the info

    • Mark says:

      It is fucking working. Why did you stop reading there? Keep reading past the first sentence they go on and post an update stating:

      30th September

      We have restored Netflix for many of our users and are working on getting everyone back ASAP. If you see a “United States 01-10” region here, give it a try! Browsers should work without any other changes, devices may need static routes setup (see below).

      • Hanz says:

        Calm down man

        This is the message they texted me when I contacted them to tell them that I was not able to access Netflix US.

  7. manofthemoment says:

    Unfortunately, doesn’t work if you have to connect through mobile networks (3G,4G etc). They do state this in the set up instructions but I thought I’d try anyway but no dice. This is a shame as I’ve moved to an area with no landlines and mobile connections only. Bummer. Back to Kuwait Netflix, which BTW is getting better. Luke Cage is great!!

  8. MJ says:


    Which servers you’re using? I’m using Israel and Turkey, and I can’t reach Netflix that way, keeps timing out..

  9. Animatedude says:

    Hi there

    Paying using UK iTunes gift cards work with Netflix?

    I know you can pay for Netflix on iTunes but does it solve the issue?

    • Mark says:

      It doesn’t matter if u use a U.K. iTunes gift card, a US one, a US credit card or a kuwait card. What matters is your location.

      • Animatedude says:

        Ya salam…so if you have a US account and live in the US but then god forbid you moved to the middle east you won’t be able to get US content even though your account is US?

        • Mark says:

          Yeah that’s how everything works. They don’t have the right to broadcast some shows in this region, it has nothing to do with the person if they are American, lived in the states, are native Indians or whatever.

          • Animatedude says:

            No that’s not how everything works.

            I have Apple Music UK account using UK gift cards, i get UK content.

            And as far as i know at some point you were able to do the same for spotify and pay through iTunes.

            How come this won’t work with Netflix? I still get to pay through my US or UK account, i should be able to get US/UK content, no?

            • Mark says:

              Spotify isn’t meant to work in kuwait nor does the U.K. Apple Music but they aren’t geochecking. Netflix is because there is Netflix kuwait now so they want u to use that.

              You don’t really understand how licensing works which is why you’re finding this frustrating. OSN for example has the exclusive rights to a bunch of shows in this region, so Netflix can’t play the same shows. So Netflix will only let u watch shows they are allowed to. It’s the same reason you can’t find all the books you want in the kuwait kindle store, they don’t have the rights or didn’t get the rights to sell them in our region.

              • Mark says:

                What I’m saying is some providers aren’t as strict in geochecking locations. Pandora is more strict than Spotify, Netflix more than pandora but in all cases you are not meant to stream/watch/read media that wasn’t meant for this region. If you currently are it’s because they’re turning a blind eye or you’ve found a way to trick their system.

                • Animatedude says:

                  I understand Licensing, i understand geochecking but if you happen to have a US or UK account with US or UK credit cards or gift cards then what’s their point of geochecking?

                  Apple don’t do Geochking, if you have US/UK gift cards on your account then khalas.

                  Argh….i can’t wait for Apple to do Apple Music-like subscription for movies., they have been working on that for years.

  10. khaled says:

    I contacted customer service and just got this reply:

    Hello Khaled,

    Thank you for the email

    We apologize for the inconvenience

    Our service have encountered an issue again with Netflix today. Our Network Team is already aware of this issue and now working on it.
    We don’t have any specific time frame for the fix but our Network Engineers are now doing their best and actively working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

  11. Yousef says:

    Mark, has this method started working again because Netflix gave up on its stance to block proxies, or is it because SmartDNS have figured out a way to sidestep Netflix’s block?

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