3rd Bungee Jumping Event

Post by Mark

Cost has gone up KD5 this time around but there’s also going to be a small expo for Kuwaiti businesses running at the same time.

Location: Marina Crescent
Date: June 27 to June 30 2013
Time: 10AM to 12PM
Cost: KD25

If you’re interested you should probably book from now by calling 22621766 or 94004335.

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  1. me says:

    I hate to be the party spoiler, but Bungee Jumping involves considerable risks. Here’s an extract from Wikipidia:

    Injuries that occur despite safety measures generally relate to the abrupt rise in upper body intravascular pressure during bungee cord recoil. Eyesight damage is the most frequently reported complication. Impaired eyesight secondary to retinal haemorrhage may be transient or take several weeks to resolve.In one case, a 26 year old woman’s eyesight was still impaired after 7 months.Whiplash injuries may occur as the jumper is jolted on the bungee cord and in at least one case, this has led to quadriplegia secondary to a broken neck. Very serious injury can also occur if the jumper’s neck or body gets entangled in the cord. More recently, carotid artery dissection leading to a type of stroke after bungee jumping has also been described. All of these injuries have occurred in fit and healthy people in their twenties and thirties. Bungee jumping has also been shown to increase stress and decrease immune function.

    • me says:


      • mohamad says:

        keep your opinion for yourself and all your mention it in your comments wrong and impossible , we are in this game since 1989 and thanks god that we didn’t face any problem .
        for any suggestion you can call me on 94004335 anytime.

        • me says:

          Ummm.. It’s not my opinion.. And I can’t keep this to myself because as I said it’s in Wikipedia open for everyone.

        • TweeZ says:

          bad PR much?

        • Wishbone says:

          You know, I was going to be political in my answer till I saw the comment “wrong and impossible” and would have stated the percentages those may occur.

          Lets go out of Wikipedia and into the realm of medical science. Yes you can develop blindness, shear an artery in the neck which can lead to strokes, bleeding in the brain, bleeding around the spinal cord. Lets not talk about hypertensive people, do you check they aren’t hypertensive and disallow them to jump ? Or how about cardiac patients ? What about people on blood thinners ?

          I hate idiots who are misinformed about what they do and defend it with stupidity.

          Next time try to be political and more informative before you say “wrong and never” and if you insist I’ll post the medical literature associated with the risks just be ready to say sorry if you plan on challenging me.

        • Adam (the original one) says:

          Mohamad, they should fire you for having the PR skills of a baboon.

  2. azz says:

    May aswell go for a hike. Not worth the money for me.

  3. Ash says:

    Funny how it went from free to 20 and then 25. I’d rather spend the money on other things.

  4. Buzz says:

    10 am to 12 pm in late June in Kuwait? The temperature should be around 50. They should have scheduled it at night or early morning.

  5. cookie monster says:

    Don’t know if any of you saw the last event. They were using a crane, the people would jump off the platform and be sooo close to the crane’s hook. One guy had to kick it with his foot to refrain himself from being injured. Bungee Jumping events need loads of math to be done, hopefully this time you’ll do your math right.

    • mohamad says:

      t’s not true and all you write it down wrong , sure you wasn’t there heheheheh , we are in this job since 1989 and we know how to work , keep your opinion to yourself and don’t write lies .

      bungee kuwait team leader

      • Wishbone says:

        “bungee kuwait team leader”

        Sorry mate but its your lack of communication skills and lack of knowledge that brought you under fire.

        If you have been in business since 1989 and I only heard of you the past 2 years just means YOUR communication skills are bad. Accept it. You can argue more but it’ll just confirm it more.

        You should be educating the misinformed not attack them. You should lead by example not by being a jerk.

        Cookie monster gave his observation, you could explain if it was safe scientifically or you could have responded by looking into it and actually looking into if it was an issue.

        Your attitude is losing you potential customers. I presume hundreds read the blog if not thousands.

        BTW I have no wish on calling you and getting my number showing up on your cell phone. Why ? Cuz from all your posts you don’t come through as mature or trustworthy.

        I was planning on having my son give it a try, not any more.

  6. lahdiah says:

    Can we volunteer people to ‘throw’ from the bungee?

  7. whatajoke says:


    you lack of education, business etiquette and general education with regards to this subject really worries me.

    Also your “tough guy” attempts at throwing your number around and asking them to call you to say something “personal” to you, only confirms that doing business with you is out of the question. Are you actually taunting potential business on the most popular blog in kuwait? you sir, are clearly not right in the head.

    take a basic lesson in customer service, mabye a high school science course again? and perhaps we can come back and have this discussion with you about how dangerous your business is, “oh mighty” team leader.

    ashkal nafsik itfashil il balad.

  8. whatajoke says:

    i assume your business is also regulated by the “kuwait extreme sports commmittee” based outside khiran? AMirite bro?

    lulz @ you

  9. Wishbone says:

    Leaving the “bungee kuwait team leader’s” 3rd grade PR skills aside, his lack of knowledge of hazards associated with the skill I’ll clarify a few things.

    Bungee jumping is a safe sport if the operator knows what he/she is doing. Although there are risks associated with the sport there are risks which are associated with leaving your home and going to buy groceries.

    In bungee jumping your safety rests on the equipment and the operator, the worst that can happen is dying isn’t it ?

    Statistically speaking you are more likely to die from a roller coaster ride than from bungee jumping, estimated at 1/125,000 for roller coaster compared to 1/500,000 for bungee.

    So does bungee jumping carry risks .. yes …
    Is crossing the road riskier … yes …
    Will “bungee kuwait team leader” start quoting my numbers … I’d presume yes …

    • Buzz says:

      “In bungee jumping your safety rests on the equipment and the operator, the worst that can happen is dying isn’t it?”

      No, the worst that can happen is becoming a quadriplegic who pees & craps on himself & needs to be fed liquids by tubes up his nose to survive for the rest of his life. And for what? A stupid cheap thrill outside Marina Mall.

  10. desert sky says:

    I wonder if the same people who are saying bungee jumping is dangerous,are also the ones who drive like maniacs on the highways?

    • me says:

      I don’t think that anyone here is saying that bungee jumping is dangerous.
      Some of the above comments are trying to point out the POSSIBLE risks of this activity.

  11. Ramez says:

    25 KD to jump? I prefer taking ma wife for dinner :p

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