Transfer your mobile number from one operator to another this June

Post by Mark

According to an article on KUNA by mid June we will be able to transfer our mobile numbers from one operator to another. A previous KUNA article stated we would be able to transfer our numbers last year at the cost of KD5 and the process would take around 24 hours. That never happened so not sure if it’s going to happen now. [Link]

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  1. The Real Burhan says:

    Only one mobile provider is ready, and the other two are still haggling. They already did a pilot with a few numbers.

    The operators are reluctant to do this because it would mean they have to compete on cost and quality of service; which would mean lowering of prices across the board.

    Al Qabas posted the requirements for transferring the line ( back in March when the first of these annoucements were made by the minister.

    • SlateInQ8 says:

      I wonder who that one operator is?

      • Joey says:

        It’s Viva :) one of the guys working on programming the process of transferring numbers between operators was telling us how they finished from Viva but now need to work on the other two operators.

  2. mentabolism says:

    So what are these operators competing on the basis of, now, if not cost and quality of service?!

    • Adam (the original one) says:

      They are not really competing at all. Even if your current provider is crap, most people don’t change because they don’t want to change their number. Once that is doable, the competition will actually start.

  3. Mani says:

    C’mon, 5 K.D., seriously..??? Mobile service operators do it for free back in my country. They also give around 2 K.D. worth of balance and around 100 free SMS..

    • Chris says:

      Because of competition..

    • Moe says:

      Well 5 KD is nothing. I’d pay 50 just to get rid of my current operator and switch to another.

      AND operators are allowed to promote this switching thing as they please. So they MIGHT actually pay for it and offer you some free credit (which I think will be the case).

  4. AR says:

    MNP ( mobile number portability) is intended to be completely free of charge in Kuwait as well. That is the the intent . The receiving telecom is only to charge for the issuance of the SIM chip , if in fact they really need to. In most cases they would be so happy to catch the defecting customer that putting a Kd 1 barrier is hardly the goal !

  5. Wishbone says:

    What I am looking forward to the most isn’t the ability to transfer but what comes after that.

    5 favorite numbers you can call all for free is a good start.
    Cheaper unlimited internet access on a phone bundle or something close.
    Offers which are really offers, not some “service we’ll provide you if you scrap that bubble gum of my shoe”. Actually they might give you free bubble gum.

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